Artist of the Week: Codist

November 23rd, 2020

Having made their grand return last week after some time away, Codist are back with the first offering of their second album “A Dream Is Just A Big Thought” due for release in January 2021, and we can’t get enough!

Nearly five years on from their debut “Nuclear Family ” the Glasgow four-piece have rid any angst-driven stylings that once trademarked their sound on the new track “Carrying the Milk Around”. This has been replaced instead with infectiously catchy melodies and meaty guitar parts evolving into a brighter version of a once very grunge heavy sound, while still keeping hold of the lyrical sincerity which makes them so endearing! 

The latest single paves the way for a promising new era for one of the city’s most underrated bands! For further listening, this quartet are filled to the brim with side projects deserving of extra attention:

Sun Starer –
Broad-Shouldered Boy –

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The Weekly Broadcast

November 20th, 2020

It’s Friday! The weekend is here, so it’s time to relax. Why not stick on the playlist and chill out. 12 new belters ready to be gobbled up. Have a wee read below to see our thoughts on the tracks this week.

Words by Selina Mclean & Callum Fergusson

Russell Stewart – Citrus

Russell Stewart has done it again. The follow up to Midsummer just oozes that jazzy vibe that fans of Russell’s music will be aware of, culminating in a snappy and boppy chorus. All over the track you’ll hear wavy synth and loose drums that very much have the ability to get hips swaying. If we had gigs – this would be one to dance to!

Spyres – I Don’t Care

Spyres are back and what a tune this is. I Don’t Care feels like another step in the right direction for the young Glasgow band, with a more mature feel to this song yet with that familiar catchy chorus. This single has an almost calming presence throughout, yet when the chorus rolls into town you know that the indie rockers have not lost their touch. Spyres have come on leaps and bounds in their first year and it is exciting to see where they go next.

Shame – Water in the Well

Those mighty London post-punks returned this week to deliver the second single from their long-awaited next album “Drunk Tank Pink” due for release in January! Water in the Well explores the self-awareness silence brings when the music stops – no doubt sprung from having to take a break from a rigorous touring schedule the band has undertaken in recent years! We can expect a far more experimental side to their instrumentation, citing the likes of Talking Heads and ESG as inspiration, you can definitely hear that shine through!

Pretty Preachers Club – Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied

If this latest offering from the Glasgow duo is anything to go by we can’t wait to hear the EP also due for release next month! Despite simplistically angelic in composition, their raw wordplay packs quite the punch – can’t wait to hear more!

Codist – Carrying the Milk Around

Whilst Carrying the Milk Around is quite a niche song topic, the song itself from Glasgow rockers Codist hits the spot. This promising first single from a new album coming in January establishes the mood of what is to come, and going off what we have from the album so far it is one to look forward to.

Shygirl – TASTY

Despite only being her second EP, it’s clear Shygirl has a knack for producing cohesive, multidimensional bodies of work, and so much can be said for the range shown in each of these six tracks. Audibly industrial while lyrically empowering is a mix well made. 

Amie Huckstep – Butter Could Melt

Butter could most definitely melt into the warmth of Amie’s vocal, this serene offering from the Glasgow singer/songwriter will ease you into the bleakness of any winter’s day – a truly calming listen. 

MarthaGunn – Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to Run is a little more laidback than some of the songs found on the Caught Up & Confused EP from earlier in the year. That being said this slower and steady approach from MarthaGunn works well and this song proves that the band have not lost their ability to craft a proper hook.

Bad Nerves – Terminal Boy

Terminal Boy – the new single from Bad Nerves – is an energetic mess and very much akin to the bands other releases, being fast, aggressive and over in a flash. Coming in at just under 2 and a half minutes, you’ll need to play it back a few times just to get your fix of this stormy song.

PVA – Talks

The London three-piece have just released their EP “Toner” and it’s a total binder! Synth-driven groove beats backed by the warming crooning of vocalist Josh makes for a self-assured debut that longs to be enjoyed live!

Julien Baker – A Dreamer’s Holiday

Julien has covered the festive classic as part of Spotify’s holiday collection, as expected delivering a beautifully dreamy rendition! Acoustically paired down allowing for the mesmerising vocal and cosmic lyricism to be truly appreciated!

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Automation

Automation is the eery new single from Aussie psych-rock band King Gizzard. Right from the get-go the guitar riff feels a little uneasy but is extremely memorable and seems to power the song right through to the end. The monotonous repetition of Automation in the chorus acts as a release of tension built up in the verses. The single from their brand-new album K.G. sets the tone nicely.

Check back next week for some more of the best new songs.

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Artist of the Week: The Vegan Leather

November 16th, 2020

This week’s artist of the week is none other than Paisley-based act The Vegan Leather. The VL, who established themselves on the Scottish music scene a few years back and have been everpresent at the forefront of the Glasgow scene since have just released their first single since they released their debut album ‘Poor Girls / Broken Boys’ into the world last year.

The Paisley art-pop quartet have made a welcome return over the past couple of weeks not only with new single “Gloaming” but also with its incredible accompanying visuals! We caught up with bassist Matt to see what they’ve been up to:

So, what have you been up to since we last heard from you?

“We literally just went straight back to recording and writing. The majority of the music created for the album was formed about a year prior before the release of the album, so we had more or less a good 6 months without writing anything new. So, we had tons of pent up ideas and energy that we had to get down.”

What made you return with “Gloaming” any particular meanings behind this track?

“We returned with Gloaming I think because of how different it sounded to the stuff on the album. The way its mixed, the timbre of the instruments and also our whole ethic in creating the song was different. We weren’t being too precious like we have been in the past, it was a case of just throwing everything at the track and seeing what sticks, and if something sounded bad out it went. In terms of the meaning of the song we started with the music first and it sounded mysterious and dark which is vibes we haven’t really played around with before. When it came to the lyrics the vibe of the song reminded Marie of the atmosphere set in the moors of Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. A big part of the book is set in wild and untamed landscapes and that inspired the meaning behind the song. It became a monologue of enticing someone into the wilderness with you.”

How was the creative process with “Gloaming” was it much different to producing the album? Nothing has really changed in our process in writing in terms of the formation of the track. We still work the same way post Covid-19, as we always were a band that more or less functioned on cloud-based sharing of ideas and using good ol dropbox. One thing that did changed that I mentioned before is we did say to ourselves to be more fearless in our writing and not be too precious with our ideas.”

How did you maintain motivation with the band over lockdown – any recommendations of things that helped get you through?
We were constantly writing over lockdown. Weighing up mixes, coming up with new ideas. We were quite lucky in that we managed to get into a studio the day before the first lockdown came into play and get a good bit of content to mull over during lockdown. In terms of new inspirations, I got really into Always Sunny in Philadelphia which I don’t know if it has directly influenced our music but has always made me think if things are going bad for me at least my life is not as shit as the characters’ in that show. Also discovered I really like toast with peanut butter with maple syrup during lockdown which personally helped me a lot during the Covid madness with keeping me sane. Lots of fibre, lots of sugar!! Very nice! Good for the belly good for the soul.”

Check out their new single “Gloaming” now, we can’t wait to hear more!

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The Weekly Broadcast

November 13th, 2020

This weeks playlist is filled with some absolute crackers, read on to find out a little more about each track.

Alfie Templeman – Shady 

The new Alfie Templeman song may not be as boppy as his more recent releases, but he falls back into familiar territory releasing this vibey chill indie tune. The follow up to Forever Isn’t Long Enough still has the usual catchy guitar hooks throughout, and he manages to generate this upbeat song without having a mega catchy chorus. It’s a toe-tapper.

Django Django – Glowing in the Dark

As the title track to their next album due for release in February, the electronica four-piece have created an electrifying introduction for what’s to come, naming this, “a creative rebirth for the band of sorts.” Despite themes of escapism, they have managed to stay true to the genre-defying electro-rock stylings they’ve grown synonymous with, making for a very welcome return!

Ruby Gaines – Without a Gun 

Ruby Gaines has released her follow up to last month’s debut single Cardamom with this energetic bop. The sophomore single recorded in Galashiels at the infamous MacArts centre, has the same big room sound that featured in the previous single, and the song never stops for a breath with Ruby’s vocals piercing through the music and creates an almost eery vibe. We are excited to hear what comes next from one of Glagsow’s most revered, reinvented singer songwriters.

Do Nothing – Glueland

Instrumentally raucous yet lyrically sincere a balance tipped perfectly by these Nottingham punks. The four-piece continue to find calm in the chaos, this time producing an ode to the in-between, perfectly fitting for the current climate where feeling a bit stuck is known all too well! 

Lizzie Reid – Always Lovely

The third release from the Glasgow based singer/songwriter is equally as comforting as the previous two singles. Lizzies mesmeric voice carries the song, and three minutes fly by as you become engrossed in the angelic energy emitted from her airy vocals. The soft nature of Lizzie’s music is there to be heard and whilst the first three singles have been released in a quick blast, we are already eagerly awaiting her next song.

Fauves – Spaced Out Face

Consistency is key with this six-piece, producing yet another funk-infused dreamscape with the blissful croonings of vocalist Ryan on the helm. With every release the group cement a truly anthemic back catalogue which deserves to be experienced live to fully appreciate the wonders of their musicality, hopefully soon! 

Saint Raymond – Solid Gold

Callum Burrows or better known as Saint Raymond has released yet another soft indie banger. The latest single in a flurry of releases follows the indie template found in his other tunes with catchy choruses and chill verses and this song once again hits the spot. The chorus is memorable and will get your head nodding along to the beat in no time.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – The Terrors

The Aussies are back with a vengeance. The psych rock act never releases tame songs and this one is no different. There is an almost OOMPA feel about this ever-present in this rambunctious mess, and as with most Crumpets songs you get rolled over from the get-go with a fireball of energy roaring right through to the end. The fourth single from their eagerly anticipated fourth album suggests that the album will be worth the wait.

Marika Hackman – Pink Light

Marika Hackman’s covers album is out today and she manages to put her own sad indie spin on all of the songs. Pink Light originally written by LA trio MUNA does just that, with Marika’s slow energetic vocals layered on top of airy atmospheric piano which allows the song to have an air of originality despite being a cover.

Wasuremono – Big Big Smiles

Taken from their new album, “Let’s Talk” due for release next year, this track is obscurely delicious in its guilt-free pop styling. Infectious hooks teamed with a wildly addictive chorus line, no doubt stuck in your head for days! 

ADULTING – Plummet

We can’t wait to hear more from these Glasgow up-and-comer’s, instrumentally unrelenting kept driven by an angsty but engaging vocal that’ll hit repeat in your mind long after listening, a nice wee slice of post-punk!

Haim – Feel The Thunder

The legendary Haim sisters can truly do no wrong, returning with what should be nothing more than a feature on the soundtrack for a family friendly flick, instead produces a fierce glam rock inspired anthem, packed with shredding guitar solos and animalisitc vocal tones!

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Artist of the Week: Stock Manager

November 9th, 2020

Our next Artist of the Week is grunge trio Stock Manager, hailing from Falkirk (now based in Glasgow) who released their EP “Fatalism” at the end of last month and we can’t get enough! 

With every release the three-piece, consisting of Chris, Jack and Melissa, cement a confident and unwavering sense of identity, proving to be both visually and audibly meticulous each time. Their latest release is no different, as expected, an instrumentally menacing assault to the senses. Producing a guitar-led barrage of intense shoegaze tones backed by an understated vocal, with the relentless nature of all four tracks keeping things pushing forward. 

Often bookmarked for their 90’s grunge-rock stylings, bassist Jack would say they’d be more for fans of: “Sorry, Pixies and Bones.” There is something non-conventional about this band, from hosting D.I.Y shows from living rooms to their often intriguing home-made VHS style videos, the trio never cease to keep their listeners interested. 

Chris from the band says he’s: “keen for gigs to start back to see what everyone’s been working on this year. We’re gonna see some really good content from people.” Citing the likes of Chlobocop, TEOSE and Sulka as local artists they’d recommend – particularly for new lockdown listening and we can look forward to “A new single and music video in December and a longer EP around January.” Exciting stuff!

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The Weekly Broadcast

November 6th, 2020

Another week, another set of blinding new releases both home and away! Here are our top picks:

Weekend Debt – Pomposity
The Glasgow four-piece make a promising return with new single, “Pomposity” a glimmering indie anthem injecting some energy into these lethargic days. A lyrically sincere ode to heartbreak backed by infectiously catchy hooks, we can’t wait to hear more!

Courting – Popshop
Taken from their debut EP due for release next year, the Liverpool quartet offer up “Popshop” an instrumentally relentless yet wildly catchy guitar-driven hit about selling out to the industry, a daring insight into what’s to come from the four-piece!

Nani – Pure Frustration
Having played at Broadcast back in January, Austrian artist Nani has recently released her six-track EP Pure Frustration. Now based in Edinburgh, the EP which is in places elegant and atmospheric shows Nani’s ability to craft songs and let emotions come pouring out in the music. Title track Pure Frustration is smooth and gentle and sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Dead Pony – 23, Never Me
Dead Pony are back with the punchy and chaotic new single, “23, Never Me” written about that toxic ex-friend. At the core of the infamous Glasgow punk scene it can be quite hard to stick out among all of the punk acts always being raved about, but this new track with its raucous and wild chorus really grabs your ear from the get-go and by the end of the three minutes you will be more than happy to put it on repeat.

Indoor Foxes – Peach Stone
“Peach Stone” is the latest single from Edinburgh based artist Indoor Foxes has already picked up three BBC radio airplay in the space of a week before the song was released so it is interesting to see what comes next for her. The song lends itself to the same self-produced lo-fi vibe that other Indoor Foxes songs follow, and it really adds to the song, with a highly memorable guitar hook apparent throughout the song.

The Ninth Wave – Unhappy Days (The Twilight Sad Remix)
The SAY Award nominee’s have been releasing teasings of their latest (remix) EP over the past few weeks, releasing a track a week featuring some of our favourites including Dream Wife AND Working Men’s Club! Today see’s Glasgow legends The Twilight Sad offer up their take on “Unhappy Days” producing six minutes of industrial bliss, a match made in heaven!

Kylie – Magic
The song is called Magic and Kylie is not wrong. The queen of pop is back with another bop that is ideal for getting your day off to the right start. Whilst it does not quite reach the heights of Can’t Get You Out of my Head, Magic is still a certified tune and you may find yourself humming away at it all day.

Tunng – Eating The Dead
The folktronica group return with a record celebrating mortality, a subject matter currently at the fore now more than ever, this truly sombre affair makes for comforting listening on these darker days. 

Matt Maltese – As the World Caves In (Acoustic)
This re-release of a 2017 classic from the London crooner, is currently a very fitting love song for the end of the world, apocalyptic melodrama packaged up as a piano ballad, what more could you want?

The new Larry Pink the Human tune featuring his good friend Joe is not quite the hard-hitting track you might expect from members of Slaves and IDLES. LPtH has proved that he can write a banging chorus in his three previous singles, even gaining indie lad recognition with a feature on the FIFA soundtrack and this one is no different.

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Artist of the Week: Quiche

November 2nd, 2020

Introducing the amazing psychedelic pop-rock band Quiche as our artist of the week. The Glasgow based six-piece have been gathering attention within the Scottish music scene for a while now and with their latest release Hor-Cha they show no signs of slowing down!

Having honed their live-set over the past couple of years, securing support slots with the likes of Gently Tender and Lucia and The Best Boys, indulging audiences with pitch-perfect harmonies and blistering riffs aplenty, they began 2020 on a promising note not only being named one of Vic Galloway’s “25 Scottish artists to watch” but relieving the mundane of lockdown by releasing their debut EP Cardboard Sunset, back in June!

Returning with the blinding Hor-cha, we can’t wait to see what’s to come for the psych six-piece!

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The Weekly Broadcast

October 30th, 2020

As we say goodbye to October, here’s our spook filled selection of this week’s new releases, jam packed with mighty offerings from local heroes PLUS a re-visit of this year’s SAY Award winner!

The Vegan Leather – Gloaming
A year on since the release of their debut album and a sprinkling of singles later the Paisley quartet return with the seasonally relevant Gloaming marrying eerie synth tones  with Marie Collins’ soaringly haunting vocal, cementing once again art-pop anthem status with a track destined to be enjoyed live! 

Greentea Peng – Revolution
Describing this track as, “a product of 2020 chaos” this track offers a narrative on the societal tribulations this year has presented, backed by the effortlessly cool neo-soul stylings we’ve grown to love from the London singer/songwriter!

Slow Weather – Clean Living 
The duo made up of Annie Booth and Chris McCrory (Catholic Action) have released their new single Clean Living which is a delightful slow burner. The harmonies of the two voices entwined to create a lovely atmospheric song that eclipses with a rising and haunting outro.

Gallus – Marmalade
The Glasgow indie-punk act are back with Marmalade, an alarmingly punchy song with substantial guitar hooks and an unsurprisingly catchy chorus from the band at the forefront of the Glasgow music scene.

Quiche – Hor Cha
Retaining their signature 60’s melodic charm whilst amping up the heat to 100° teaming the controlled chaos of blistering guitar alongside euphoric harmonies to create a perfect ode to the complications of adolescence. 

Nova – Bread and Butter
Following her win at last night’s SAY Award, there’s no better time to re-visit the fierce sounds of Nova than right now!

Ariana Grande – just like magic 
What can be said about Ariana Grande that hasn’t already. Ms. Grande is back with her sixth album and it seems as though she has released yet another bop-filled one. Just like magic is one of the slightly more laidback songs on the album, whilst still having the ability to get your toe-tapping.

Black Honey – I Like The Way You Die
This vampy return from the Brighton four-piece offers a shamelessly glam and instrumentally unrelenting glimpse into what album two (due for release in January 2021) has to offer!

Coach Party – Really OK on My Own
Really OK on My Own is the follow up single to Can’t Talk, Won’t from Coach Party which teases a somewhat slow start until the first chorus rings in and the song picks up the pace. The honesty in the lyrics really comes across in this song as the band explores the different roles in a relationship.

KAWALA – Pure Desire 
Pure Desire – is just what you would expect to hear from Kawala with another chilled indie-pop tune that manages to have just the right mix of energy and calm vocals oozing throughout emanating in another catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head for days.

Bright Eyes, Phoebe Bridgers – Miracle of Life
A welcomed return from members of one of 2019’s greatest exports, seeing the collaboration once again of “Better Oblivion Community Centre’s” Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers, proving to be a match made in musical heaven. The perfect accompaniment to ease into the weekend with!

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New Vegan Pizza Menu!

July 17th, 2020

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July 17th, 2020

It’s been a crazy few months, we hope you’re all keeping well…

Broadcast is finally reopening its doors today (Friday 17 July) at 6pm. We’ll be joined by our friends in the excellent local band Home$lice, who will be DJing quietly and safely in the corner. We also have a new vegan pizza menu, and have given the place a wee lick of paint to mix it up!

COVID-19 guidelines are of course in place. We will be operating as a one metre zone, bar staff will be following an enhanced cleaning model, and we ask that you give us your name and phone number on entry as part of the track and trace initiative. All other measures, such as social distancing, increased handwashing, and general vigilance, are as applicable here as they are outside.

We are looking forward to being back. Normal Broadcast will resume shortly.

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