SAY IT LOUD: Don Letts – There And Black Again Tour

Say It Loud
Don Letts – There And Black Again Tour
Saturday 31st July 2021
Broadcast, Glasgow
AGE 18+
Tickets available:…/don…/broadcast/1851885
Filmmaker, musician, DJ, broadcaster, social commentator, husband and father – Don Letts has always defied conformity. A British-born son of Windrush parents, he ran the hugely influential Acme Attractions store in Chelsea before becoming DJ at London’s only punk club The Roxy, where he turned a generation of white youth onto reggae and Bob Marley onto the punky-reggae party. Don’s first film broke rules and box office records at the ICA, his feature debut Dancehall Queen is still the most successful Jamaican-made movie ever. Don has been hosting his Culture Clash radio show on 6 Music since 2007 and continues to be a massively in-demand DJ from London to Tokyo and all points between.In There and Black Again: The Tour, the Rebel Dread looks back on his life and career in a series of stories and film clips that trace a line from the early 1970s and Black Panthers through to today and the BLM movement, bringing in style tribes, culture wars, music, revolution, politics and passion.Featuring a cast of hundreds, including Joe Strummer, John Lydon, Bob Marley, Chrissie Hynde, Chris Blackwell, Paul McCartney, Nelson Mandela, Keith Richards, Patti Smith, Chuck D., Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood, and ranging from Brixton to Kingston, New York City, Los Angeles, Windhoek, Salt Lake City and Goldeneye.