The Weekly Broadcast

The first edition of The Weekly Broadcast from 2021 is here. As always we have selected some of the best new tunes for your listening pleasure.
Words by Selina Mclean & Callum Fergusson.

Black Honey – Believer
Another album is coming from the Brighton rockers, and with the latest teaser from what’s to come, it’s bound to a great album. The most recent release ‘Believer’ is exactly what you might expect from a Black Honey song with singer Izzy Phillips mesmeric voice hypnotising us

Shame – Nigel Hitter
Ahead of their new album, Nigel Hitter is the fourth single off their eagerly anticipated second LP. Whilst the three prior singles had been a breath of fresh air for Shame fans, the latest single could arguably have featured in their first album and has a familiar feel to it. With the new album only a week away we cannot wait to hear the full thing.
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Personal Trainer – Muscle Memory
From the get-go, it’s hard to predict where this song is going, until the chorus hits and it is increasingly evident that Personal Trainer have released a banger. The short two-and-a-half-minute tune may be over quickly, but with uneasy and menacing verses that blossom into a very catchy chorus, this release from the Dutch act will easily engrain itself on your memory.

Open Letter – Beafets 
The East Kilbride four-piece return with yet another classic! Harking back with nostalgia to the guitar-led indie of your youth, there is sweet sentimentality to be found with this band amid sincere wordplay and catchy riffs. 

Press Gang – TV Priest
TV Priest have released a thin slice of post-punk goodness into the world. The explosive chorus bursts into action grabbing the attention immediately with snarling vicious undertones apparent throughout. A gnarly driving bassline and uncaring vocals may have you expecting a full-on chorus, but when it hits – oh boy!

Repent – Saint Agnes
Taken from their upcoming mini-album due for release in March, the London four-piece return with an unrelenting heavy hitter of a track, switching seamlessly between harmonious and snarling vocal tones backed by piercing instrumentals for three minutes of gloriously intense chaos!

Kings of Leon – The Bandit
After a 5-year release hiatus, Kings of Leon return with a comforting and familiar indie rock song. It could be said that the Kings of Leon song formula has been in place since their 2008 release hit the mainstream, and they have barely wavered from that style that shot them into fame. Whilst The Bandit is no Use Somebody or Sex on Fire, it Is still a very strong song with a catchy hook and a memorable chorus.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – I Wanna Be Like You
Of course, you want to hear a children’s song covered by one of the best Psych bands around. PPC has covered possibly the catchiest Disney songs there is, and of course, with their own gritty take on things, you would be forgiven for thinking this was their latest original. The Aussies take no prisoners with an abundance of crazy guitar lines and wild drumming.

Fly Pan Am – Scanner
This slow burner fizzles and whirls for 3 and a half minutes of genius instrumental uneasiness. This would not be out of place in an eery sci-fi thriller movie, and whilst the song itself doesn’t develop past this sinister soundscape, having listened to it a couple of times, the shivers down your back keep coming back.