The Weekly Broadcast

Did you find out your embarrassing listening history on Spotify Wrapped this week? There is nothing wrong with loving a bit of Taylor Swift! What better to kick off the new Spotify year (that’s now a thing) than digging into 13 new tunes and make sure to follow the playlist.
Words by Selina McLean & Callum Fergusson

Calva Louise & Strange Bones – Nine Lives

This song is everything you would expect from a collab between these two hard-hitting indie punk rock bands. Calva Louise & Strange Bones have combined to bring this in your face and hostile tune to life distorted yet sweet merged with a little Latin in the bridge results in a song that will come in bash you around, yet leave you wanting more.

The Ninth Wave – Everything Will Be Fine

There’s no better way to end what has been a monumental year for the Glasgow four-piece than with an uncharacteristically optimistic burst of hopeful euphoria from the usually dour ensemble. Once again pairing the vulnerability of sincere wordplay with an industrial barrage of synth tones, for three minutes of glorious clarity. 

Gallus – What Do I Know

Just a month after the previous release Marmalade – Gallus are back with another entertaining single. The typically off-beat drums united with crunchy guitar riffs throughout fits the Gallus template, and the chorus is irritatingly catchy with the relentless energy oozing out of every crevice possible.

Pelican Tusk – Not What You Meant

The long-awaited follow up to their EP “ Rhubarb’s House”, released at the start of the year is finally here, and oh my, was it worth the wait! Harmony can certainly be found amongst the chaos on this track, seamlessly blurring choppy guitar tones and harsh, jagged vocals with calming harmonies and smooth as silk basslines, effortlessly cool and shamelessly unafraid to experiment, can’t wait to hear more!

Greentea Peng – Spells

Psychedelic soul songstress Greentea Peng has released yet another majestically soothing track. Spells, the follow up to October’s Revolution, boasts a luscious combination of R’n’B and soul, that both complement each other so kindly allowing this song to glide by smoothly without missing a beat.

The Vegan Leather – Sanctum Sound

TVL returns with their friendly art-pop in their latest single Sanctum Sound, following up to last month’s‘ Gloaming’. There are no surprises here from The Vegan Leather, who are very good at what they do – funky basslines, glorious vocal harmonies, and an abundance of catchy hooks.

V.C.O – Halfway House

After a prolonged period out of the game, Glasgow act V.C.O are back with their second single ‘Halfway House’. After a slow start the song bursts into life, and seemingly picks up from where they left off with the first single, with large instrumental periods followed by punchy drumlines, a highly catchy chorus, and sprinkled on top some super snappy synth.

Goat Girl – The Crack

A return we loved to see this year was that of South London post-punks Goat Girl, as they share the second single of their upcoming album! This track lures you in with unrelenting synth and vocal tones, its cosmic undertones almost magnetising as they channel the idea of being on a post-apocalyptic planet untouched by humanity – almost blissful, definitely captivating on the ears!

Olivia Dean – What Am I Gonna Do On Sundays?

As the title track of her new EP, of the same name, Olivia shares an understated heartbreaker, her silky vocal tones quite literally do the talking on this break-up ballad, the soulful sound offering comfort in self-reflection and change, a truly gorgeous release from start to end. 

Finnfm, Snedz – Won’t You Come Over

Drenched with youthful nostalgia, reminiscent of early 2000 classics you’d hear blaring from speakers in the height of Summer, sun on your back, can in hand – instantly taking you to good times – we can’t wait to see what’s next for the Mi Familia collective, but what’s for sure is there’s nothing but goodness coming from the east coast!

Shame – Snow Day

Shame meets Black Midi in the latest release from the English post-punk rockers. The second single from their upcoming album, Snow Day shows a different side to Shame’s musical ability with a dark and eery atmosphere emitted from the get-go, mixed with some monotonous talking and tuneful yelling. This single hypes up the anticipation for the album release.

Shredd – Flight of Stairs

The re-release of this hellraiser from Glasgow riff-rock band Shredd is a pleasant addition to the playlist this week. An everpresent in their live set this song pulls on the heartstrings a little, not the content of the song itself but more the longing to be thumped around in a mosh pit.