The Weekly Broadcast

This weeks playlist is filled with some absolute crackers, read on to find out a little more about each track.

Alfie Templeman – Shady 

The new Alfie Templeman song may not be as boppy as his more recent releases, but he falls back into familiar territory releasing this vibey chill indie tune. The follow up to Forever Isn’t Long Enough still has the usual catchy guitar hooks throughout, and he manages to generate this upbeat song without having a mega catchy chorus. It’s a toe-tapper.

Django Django – Glowing in the Dark

As the title track to their next album due for release in February, the electronica four-piece have created an electrifying introduction for what’s to come, naming this, “a creative rebirth for the band of sorts.” Despite themes of escapism, they have managed to stay true to the genre-defying electro-rock stylings they’ve grown synonymous with, making for a very welcome return!

Ruby Gaines – Without a Gun 

Ruby Gaines has released her follow up to last month’s debut single Cardamom with this energetic bop. The sophomore single recorded in Galashiels at the infamous MacArts centre, has the same big room sound that featured in the previous single, and the song never stops for a breath with Ruby’s vocals piercing through the music and creates an almost eery vibe. We are excited to hear what comes next from one of Glagsow’s most revered, reinvented singer songwriters.

Do Nothing – Glueland

Instrumentally raucous yet lyrically sincere a balance tipped perfectly by these Nottingham punks. The four-piece continue to find calm in the chaos, this time producing an ode to the in-between, perfectly fitting for the current climate where feeling a bit stuck is known all too well! 

Lizzie Reid – Always Lovely

The third release from the Glasgow based singer/songwriter is equally as comforting as the previous two singles. Lizzies mesmeric voice carries the song, and three minutes fly by as you become engrossed in the angelic energy emitted from her airy vocals. The soft nature of Lizzie’s music is there to be heard and whilst the first three singles have been released in a quick blast, we are already eagerly awaiting her next song.

Fauves – Spaced Out Face

Consistency is key with this six-piece, producing yet another funk-infused dreamscape with the blissful croonings of vocalist Ryan on the helm. With every release the group cement a truly anthemic back catalogue which deserves to be experienced live to fully appreciate the wonders of their musicality, hopefully soon! 

Saint Raymond – Solid Gold

Callum Burrows or better known as Saint Raymond has released yet another soft indie banger. The latest single in a flurry of releases follows the indie template found in his other tunes with catchy choruses and chill verses and this song once again hits the spot. The chorus is memorable and will get your head nodding along to the beat in no time.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – The Terrors

The Aussies are back with a vengeance. The psych rock act never releases tame songs and this one is no different. There is an almost OOMPA feel about this ever-present in this rambunctious mess, and as with most Crumpets songs you get rolled over from the get-go with a fireball of energy roaring right through to the end. The fourth single from their eagerly anticipated fourth album suggests that the album will be worth the wait.

Marika Hackman – Pink Light

Marika Hackman’s covers album is out today and she manages to put her own sad indie spin on all of the songs. Pink Light originally written by LA trio MUNA does just that, with Marika’s slow energetic vocals layered on top of airy atmospheric piano which allows the song to have an air of originality despite being a cover.

Wasuremono – Big Big Smiles

Taken from their new album, “Let’s Talk” due for release next year, this track is obscurely delicious in its guilt-free pop styling. Infectious hooks teamed with a wildly addictive chorus line, no doubt stuck in your head for days! 

ADULTING – Plummet

We can’t wait to hear more from these Glasgow up-and-comer’s, instrumentally unrelenting kept driven by an angsty but engaging vocal that’ll hit repeat in your mind long after listening, a nice wee slice of post-punk!

Haim – Feel The Thunder

The legendary Haim sisters can truly do no wrong, returning with what should be nothing more than a feature on the soundtrack for a family friendly flick, instead produces a fierce glam rock inspired anthem, packed with shredding guitar solos and animalisitc vocal tones!