White Rabbit – burrows

VENUE & DATE CHANGE. Due to the unfortunate events of Rost losing its license, we will be moving our event to Broadcast and swapping dates to the 13th of March. Due to this we feel that it is only fair to put on the night for FREE!

Come down for a locally sourced lineup from Glasgow that will lead you by the ears on an adventure to the depths where only the white rabbit goes! You will be able to hear the echoing baseline from the heaviest of techno and 90s hardcore Berlin masterpieces from the streets above.

After admiring the underground scene, Databass wanted to add to this with a more aggressive and unique sound. This is when the 3 was formed into a collective who play acid, industrial and breakbeat techno. Over the past year they have played underground events over Glasgow and have started to add the scene. They have big plans for 2020 in terms of playing bigger shows and producing absolute filth. Including an unbelievable remix of the classic 212 by Azealia Banks, completely transforming the track into an absolute face melter. Keep your eyes out for them!

Ross Clement, CLMT, has made waves this past year. A truly reliable DJ that has so many gigs under his belt you’re sure to enjoy his fast passed, stomping set. Known for his residences at Cul-de-sac and Nicos, but when he gets the opportunity to go harder, he does not disappoint! With a warm up set to Glasgow legend, Harvey McKay at Frequency and various trips to Club69 he always delivers.

JOYO (Oeste)
John young aka Joyo aka Phatwab aka yer da, got his start in Glasgow with A//P after sending the beautiful big man that is Findlay Stephen a few mixes! He then went on to open room 2 of Sanctuary with Mella Dee and Mr Sulta Headlining the Terrace and DABJ in the main room! From there he played regularly with AUN at the open decks and was kindly invited to play with them at Buff Club and Nicos, where he now holds a residency with Lemonade Glasgow! He found his calling in Club69 last summer with good friends FRACTURED and tore the place apart with his selection of the heaviest material out there. In the few months after he went onto play La Cheetah in March with A//P. Started “OESTE” at Broadcast with Sir Kelso and going on to play La Cheetah and the all mighty good ship Sub Club as our first two outings! Last but certainly not least he played along side the majorly up and coming INTERCHANGE boys at their lucid dreams event and b2b with young KK at New Years! Through out all this he has been going furiously back to back with my pals in the studios and afters circuits including a certain closing set with our resident Error E at one of Glasgow’s notorious loft parties.

ERROR E (White Rabbit)
When it comes to the hard hitting sounds, our resident knows how it’s done. Digging away for months to bring the roof down on the 6th. You can catch him for the closing set of the night. Everything from the depths of the Techno and Acid industry, the only way to do it at White Rabbit. He’s been on the circuit for a while now but he brings all his passion when he is playing under the name of ERROR E. Nothing but outrageous beats from the start.

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends; you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

Will you take the red pill and experience a night that you only want to relive every night you have left? Join us on the 13th of March to experience it all.

Free Entry all night!

WR x