Steamed Jams w/ Error404 & Penstkart

yo yo yo, Feb event is looking mightyyyyyy

For this month we have the wonderful DJ Void from Error404 coming down to cause mayhem in the Bcast rave cave. After establishing thoroughly into the scene in the Capital, recently she’s shifted her sights to the west and is fully ready to dominate Ggow with her no nonsense, hard hitting parties. A serious disc jockey in her own right – known to span from techno to drum & bass to UKG – we are buzzing to see what goodies she will be gracing our ear drums with

We also have Penstkart making her DJ debut at Steamed Jams. Originally a video artist working in the realm of analogue video synthesis, we were absolutely blown away by Georgina’s mix she sent us through the Scottish Leckie Resistance group and simply had to get her a slot straight away! A visual jockey turned disc jockey we are delighted to debut this leckie aficionado

cop her mix here we highly recommend

set times:
– Danny Mad 11:00 – 12:20
– Penstkart 12:20 – 1:40
– Dj Void 1:40 – 3:00

you know the script. free entry. sound people. lets fucking get ittttt xo