Our first outing of 2020 finds us back in the depths of Sauchiehall’s finest basement rave cave with more of Glasgow’s finest local talent in tow.

Having proved a stand out guest in 2019, it was only natural to welcome Conor Carden back alongside Tinto for the first Perplex party of the new decade. Conor has previously took charge of the local institution Club 69 on numerous occasions for his I/O and PROP parties and has amassed experience his impressive multi genre collection of records all across Glasgow. If his last outing in Broadcast is one to go by expect some serious heat.

Making their Perplex debut, @Big Smoke are also set to jon Tinto and Conor in the Broadcast basement. Over the past few years, Big Smoke have took the helm at parties and afters across across the city, having also held down their own show on LVLZ radio. With Big Smoke have recently taken up residence at the Flying Duck launching their own 808 Poker Night imprint, they’ve also proved the range and depths of their own collections alongside hosting an array of talent.

The January blues are set to be a distant memory come February 8th.