Danse Macabre


Our starship has landed in a strange land where people speak in tongues, decay is rampant, and ancient monuments are routinely set alight for the construction of Luxury Student Accommodation™. Ah fuck, it’s just Glasgow in 2020.

Yes, we made it another year. Come fill yourself with a combination of delicious beer and smoke fluid courtesy of the DM duo. Bring a pal, especially one with a nice collar.

Free entry
Nae bams other than our regulars
All requests must be accompanied by a donation to Shelter Scotland


Straight-friendly, safe(r) space policy applies – anyone made to feel uncomfortable should come straight to the DJ booth.
Gender-neutral toilets and extra seating to the rear of the venue.
Basement accessed only via a spiral staircase.

Full music and accessibility policy available on www.danse-macabre.co.uk