Steamed Jams

whaddup party people

After a sensational effort at the last Steamed Jams we are back and supplying you with the best Thursday night entertainment in the business

To grace a 4AM (!) festive license we have the brilliant Le Freak & Friends through to play with the Steamed Jams crew for a chaotic and artistic b2b2b2b…etc

These badman Dolphindogz have played up and down the country and have built a serious rep for party starting. If you aren’t familiar with the boysies then come get to know them in the Broadcast rave cave. You can’t put a price on friendship… but a £0 door tax does sweeten the deal

Expect shtackedddd sets from all involved

Come make some friends! Also it’s December so somebody will no doubt play WHAM at somepoint, ’tis the season and all that craic

lesss get it xo