Luthia + The First American Accent

+ support from
The First American Accent

Sunday the 13th of January 2019
Broadcast, Glasgow
+18s only
Tickets £5
For tickets contact –
(Luthia) Scott – sjglanville@outlook,com
(TFAA) Greg –

Join Luthia and The First American Accent for an evening of live music with friends and future-friends alike.

“Luthia are a trio with a voice that ties together an instrumental weave. Together they explore the terrain of song, ambience, silence and harmony.
Luthia are a music trio consisting of Martyn McKenzie, Scott Jack Glanville, and Jamie Wilson. This creative union looks to craft music of real individuality, diversity, and dynamic scope. Their explorative sound has led them to currently embarking upon a film and EP project recorded and filmed on the Isle Of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland with film-maker Lewis Landini and Peter Fletcher of Black Bay Studios.
Project release date is early 2019, with plans to tour the project and for new work to follow later in the year.”

“The First American Accent is a solo songwriting project by guitarist and singer Greg Murray. Keyboard loops and electronic sounds float over melodic classical guitar playing while a voice that sings lyrics of fantasy and self-reflection shapes the songs into familiar structures. The aim of The First American Accent is to write music which is authentic yet dream-like, realistic yet abstract and imaginative.”