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Wednesday 26th April


PCL presents:
26th April 2017

Shame, five 19-year-old’s building their reputation as one of the best new live bands in London, are already cemented following tours with The Garden and Fat White Family and shows with The Fall, King Gizzard before heading off to Pitchfork Paris – not bad considering they hadn’t even released a single.


Support: FISH

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Colours To Shame Poster

Thursday 27th April

Colours to Shame / Blackwork / Islasorna

NF Promotions is happy to announce Colours to Shame will be headlining Broadcast on Thursday 27th April. They’ll be joined on the night by Glasgow’s own Blackwork and Edinburgh’s Islasorna. This will be a great night and tickets available at at £5 each.

Colours to Shame;
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Friday 28th April


PCL Presents



New Hampshire punk rockers Scissorfight formed in 1995 in the town of Portsmouth. The original lineup consisted of guitarist Jay Fortin (who prefers the stage names Geezum H. Crow and F*** You), bassist Jarvis, and drummer Joel Muzzey. Blending extreme genres such as grindcore and post-hardcore, the band hired vocalist Ironlung (named for his ability to take in illegal substances) to “stand there and look scary.” Relocating to Boston, the band was not easily accepted by the local music scene due to their extreme behavior. At one show, Ironlung dislocated his shoulder and then spent the entire show trying to punch it back into place. Muzzey would leave the band soon after, and was replaced by Ironlung‘s brother Kevin J. Strongbow. They recorded their debut, 1996’s Guaranteed Kill, and found themselves getting quite a lot of press in the underground. The band followed it up with 1998’s Balls Deep, which received good reviews from mainstream publications. Their success in Boston was now quite impressive, and they signed to independent label Tortuga Recordings to release 1999’s New Hampshire. The radio play they received locally earned them a spot at the River Rave festival, where they performed with Cypress Hill and Stone Temple Pilots. They released a covers EP called Piscataqua soon after, and were featured on MTV’s You Hear It First segment. In 2001 they released two albums, the original Mantrapping for Sport and Profit and an album of re-recorded songs to be released in Britain called American Cloven Hoof Blues. A series of EPs (Potential New Agent for Unconventional Warfare, Deathchants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes, Vol. 2, and Victory Over Horseshit) followed, with the full-length Jaggernaut arriving in March 2006.

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Saturday 29th April

Messer Chups

Messer Chups is the low-brow musical concoction of Russian-born artist and musician Oleg Gitarkin, employing audio collage methods to create thick layers of sampling from trash horror films, cartoons, and other diverse sources. Surf rock drums, big-band influences, and cinema clips show the presence of Gitarkin’s western influences, but the band also incorporates antique synthesizers and animations samples identifiable with his Soviet childhood.

In addition to their committed studio presence, the band have toured extensively in Russia, Western Europe, and the United States. Not surprisingly, live shows breach the multimedia, treating audiences to hectic montages of the group’s most cherished works of cinema by directors like Ed Wood and Russ Meyer.

Presented by Mr D’uff’s Rock’n’Roll shows in association with Hepcat Tattoos

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Sunday 30th April

Stag and Dagger 2017

Stag & Dagger 2017
Sunday 30 April
Various Venues in Glasgow

Stag and Dagger is Scotland’s original multi-venue event and biggest new music showcase. Your ticket gets you a wristband, and access to all venues to see over 50 up and coming artists who will be performing in central Glasgow venues on Sunday 30th April.


Tickets now on sale via Seetickets

1PM Doors - £22-£27.50 - Facebook Event


Monday 1st May

Simon Joyner

+ Lovers Turn To Monsters

+ December 91

Simon Joyner is a renowned American singer-songwriter who first came to prominence during the Lo-Fi movement of the early 90’s alongside contemporaries mining similar territory like Will Oldham, Peter Jefferies, the Mountain Goats, Smog/Bill Callahan, and Dump. Joyner was championed early by the late British DJ, John Peel, who famously played Joyner’s 1994 LP, “The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll”, start to finish on one of his BBC programs, initially making Joyner more well known overseas than in his own country. Considered a forefather of the Omaha music scene, and primary influence on Bright Eyes, he’s been releasing critically acclaimed albums on various independent labels every few years for over two decades. He keeps a low profile and tours only occasionally, spending most of his time working and raising a family, allowing writing and music to remain an artistic outlet rather than an occupation.

Joyner is touring in support of his thirteenth proper album, “Grass,
Branch, and Bone”, out now on Woodsist, as well as his new book of selected lyrics, “Only Love Can Bring You Peace: Selected Lyrics
1990-2014” on Magic Helicopter Press.
Instagram @simonjoynermusic


“Omaha has given us the reigning heir to Henry Miller’s dark emotional mirror, Townes Van Zandt’s three-chord moan, and Lou Reed’s warehouse minimalism: his name is Simon Joyner.” — Gillian Welch

“Pound for pound Simon Joyner is my favorite lyricist of all time. He
has shades of all the greats (Van Zandt, Cohen, Dylan) but exists in a space all his own … He truly is an American songwriting treasure. It is my hope that more people will discover his music and share in the unique joy that it brings.” — Conor Oberst

“Simon’s always been a secret handshake amongst me and my peers. He’s a pioneer. He’s helped pave the way for many people, myself included. He’s an artist in its purest form–for his only concern is crafting a perfect song–which he’s done time and time again.” —Kevin Morby

“Little bits of several folks that I like in what Simon does, but he
ends up being his own man, no question.” — John Peel

“It’s not critical hype to say that Joyner possesses the same
emotional depth as Leonard Cohen, or the same ability to tell a story. Here are the inhabitants of the boarding house in Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio, still staggering or sitting wondering what’s become of their lives. Joyner’s characters tell their stories as if from shock, in the aftermath of their disbelief at the beginning of quiet, devastating acceptance.” — Thom Jurek @ All Music Guide

“For over twenty years, Simon Joyner has carved out a particular space for his own strain of music and storytelling … He’s equally adept at channeling characters who live with the long-term consequences of quotidian decisions and getting inside the head of those in darker territory.” — Tobias Carroll @BOMB

7PM Doors - £6.50 - Facebook Event


Tuesday 2nd May


A single launch gig for artists on the Electric Honey Label featuring DOPESICKFLY, CALUM FRAME & EMMA GILLESPIE.
Tickets are £5 if bought in advance or £7 on the door. The tickets can be bought via the Facebook event page. The gig will be at Broadcast on Sauchiehall street, doors open at 7.30pm.
Dopesickfly will be releasing their new Single ‘Affirmation Lover’ which is due for release, May 2017. Founded in the summer 2015 having busked the streets of Glasgow, the band Dopesickfly jammed and evolved their sound into a soulful, acid jazz, and rock fusion with just the right amount of fun and an upbeat feel good vibe inviting everyone to join in with catchy hooks and to dance their hearts out!
Dopesickfly have been listed in the Top 10 Bands to watch in 2017.’ by Capital FM June 2017 and are winners of the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections 2017. #DreamersNeverSleep
Calum Frame is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow. He began writing at the age of 15 and started playing live shows at 16. Since then, he has played some great gigs including supports with The Proclaimers as part of there Uk Tour, Marianne Faithfull in Europe (Amsterdam and France), festival spots and has packed out headline gigs in Glasgow. His songs have clearly connected with a number of people as his fan base continues to grow.Be it stand alone with his acoustic guitar and powerful voice or with his talented backing band Calum always enjoys the crowds joining in the live shows. Calum Frame is set to launch his new single ‘Till the Record Stops’.
With support from Emma Gillespie. After the self release of her latest album “Pier Siamese” produced by Grammy award winning producer Chris Kasych, Emma has been back in the studio working on various projects and collaborations, including music composition for arial acrobatic group “ Spinal chord” where she played live at their O2 gig in Glasgow. She has also been working with award winning British music composer and sound designer Giles Lamb as a vocalist and plans to record and release an album with him later in the year. Thomas Brumby of “The Oliphant Collective” has also been working closely with Emma on producing music for film and developing a song-writing duo. Emma Is set to headline Rabies Tavern at Eden festival this year after taking a year out to have her son and she plans to release a second EP of new songs later in the year.

7PM Doors - Facebook Event


Thursday 4th May

Control Social Club Presents: The Blinders (Free Entry)

Control Social Club presents:

A late night showcase with The Blinders, one the best new bands about with their smelting loud and visceral political punk sound. Also on the bill two of Glasgow’s best to surface over the last year.

Thursday 4th May @ Broadcast, Glasgow.

The Blinders


Heavy Rapids

+++ CSC (DJs)

Free Entry // Doors 11pm

11PM Doors - Facebook Event


Friday 5th May

Civil Elegies / Repo Man / Damn Teeth / Whatmakesyouthink

Noise Noise Noise. £5OTD on a Friday night:

CIVIL ELEGIES: Sludgey Post Punk from Glasgow FFO KARP, Killing Joke & Swans
Repo-Man: Bristol-based noise rock four-piece with psych and post-punk leanings.
Damn Teeth: Post Punk Quartet based between Glasgow/Edinburgh dealing in grooves akin to Chinese Stars and feedback squalls akin to Xiu Xiu
Whatmakesyouthinkyouaresane: Chaos mistaken for harmony FFO The Merzbox

7PM Doors - £5 - Facebook Event


Saturday 6th May

Sink Ships + Donald Macdonald & The Islands

From the Gents that brought you ZiZi… It’s ‘2 for the price of 1’ as Sink Ships and Donald Macdonald & The Islands make a triumphant return to the stage after hiatuses of 1 year and 3 years respectively.
Double headline show featuring career spanning sets from both acts.
The boys are back in town!

7PM Doors - Facebook Event


Sunday 7th May


PCL presents
Kishi Bashi
Tall Tall Trees
Sunday 7th May
18+ // 7PM

Violinist, singer and composer, Kishi Bashi, released his sophomore album titled Lighght, in May 2014. Taking its title from the one-word poem by minimalist poet Aram Saroyan, Lighght (pronounced “Light”) continues and expands the sound of his critically acclaimed debut, 151a, which earned Kishi Bashi the title of “Best New Artist” for 2012 by NPR. Since the profoundly successful release of 151a two years ago, Kishi Bashi has toured relentlessly, captivating audiences across the globe with his loop-based live show, and fostering a groundswell of devotees.

151a was crafted over a four-year period while Kishi Bashi, the pseudonym for artist K. Ishibashi, was touring and recording with Regina Spektor, Sondre Lerche, and of Montreal (where he was a full-time member and co-producer). In late 2012, after the success of 151a, Kishi Bashi decided to focus solely on his own music and began composing the new material, which led to the songs that are featured on Lighght.

Though violin remains his primary instrument and songwriting muse, Kishi Bashi has expanded his palette to include more diverse and nuanced instrumentation on Lighght. Bright and soaring avant-pop songs are prevalent, as are Eastern-tinged arrangements, gentle ballads, Philip Glass- inspired improvisations, and more than a few moments that flirt with ‘70s prog (in the tradition of ELO or Yes). If this sounds jarringly kaleidoscopic, that’s because it is. But it works.

7PM Doors - £12 - Facebook Event


Monday 8th May

James Leg

+ The Bonnevilles & The Reverse Cowgirls

Keyboard player and howler John Wesley Myers, aka James Leg, (Black Diamond Heavies, The Immortal Lee County Killers, Cut In The Hill Gang) is back with a new brew of punk-ass blues.

The son of a Texas preacher, raised in the South on gospel music, James Leg has cut his new album in Chattanooga, Cincinnati, and Detroit, with a little help from his friends (Andy Jody, Johnny Walker, Left Lane Cruiser, Jim Diamond and others). “Below The Belt” is a record that hits where it matters : Straight to your heart, and down to your pelvis. It’s the kind of music that ain’t pretty but makes you feel good.

Rock and Soul all night long.

7PM Doors - £8 - Facebook Event


Tuesday 9th May

Ducktails + James Ferraro

+ Typhonian Highlife

Ducktails is the solo side project of Matthew Mondanile, a member of Ridgewood, New Jersey-based indie beach bums Real Estate. While not too dissimilar in tone from the sun-kissed pop of his main squeeze, Mondanile’s work as Ducktails presents a more fragmented, mercurial version of the Garden State of mind. More synthetic, too, than Real Estate, Ducktails is all burbling analog synths, bedroom processing, and sunburnt soundscapes. The end effect acts as a sort of bleary aural Polaroid taken at a backyard party Real Estate just finished playing. Mondanile’s output under the Ducktails moniker has been prolific and perhaps a tad illusory; he has released numerous ultra-rare cassettes and CD-Rs, a pair of 7″s, and a pair of “official” LPs (a self-titled album on Not Not Fun and Landscapes on Olde English Spelling Bee, both in 2009). In addition to playing in several other projects, including Predator Vision and the Parasails, Mondanile released a split with Dracula Lewis in 2010, before releasing Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, in 2011. The album took a more bare-bones approach, and marked a notable change in style for Ducktails. By the time 2013’s The Flower Lane arrived on Domino Recordings, Mondanile had moved even further away from his bedroom beginnings, recording more traditional mellow pop with a full band. A five-song EP, Wish Hotel, arrived later that year, retaining the same sophisticated style as the album that preceded it, as did 2015’s full-length St. Catherine. With producer Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck) bringing a touch of warmth and clarity to Mondanile’s sincere psychedelic tunes, the album also featured guest appearances by fellow experimental indie artists James Ferraro and Julia Holter.

7PM Doors - £10 - Facebook Event

unnamed (2)

Wednesday 10th May

Jerry Harmon

After years of success as a performer in America, sharing the bill with the likes of America’s most celebrated musicians: Dolly Parton, Ricky Skaggs, Tony Rice, Marty Stuart, Earl Scruggs, and others, Jerry has quickly gained recognition  as an amazing performer in the UK and mainland Europe performing at major events there.  He has appeared at such events as North Carolina’s renowned Merle-Fest, The Bath International Music Festival, The Edinburgh International Festival,and The Winnipeg Folk Festival.

7PM Doors


Friday 12th May

This Feeling: Vida / Shambolics

£5adv / £6OTD / free JD & coke first 50 in



Our DJs play…

Arctic Monkeys,The Beatles, The Bohicas, Blossoms, Blur, BRMC, Cabbage, Catfish & The Bottlemen, The Charlatans, The Cribs, The Coral, Courteeners, David Bowie, DMA’s, Doves, Kasabian, The La’s, The Libertines, Oasis, Primal Scream, Pulp, Reverend & The Makers, The Rifles, The Rolling Stones, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Super Furry Animals, The Strokes, Suede, Supergrass, Temples, The Verve, The Who + lots lots more

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Saturday 13th May


+ Pavo Pavo

+ The Albatross

Lowly appeared out of nowhere in April 2014 with the release of the bewitching ‘Daydreamers’ The sound, already so rich and full, was like being put under a magical spell.

Initially brought together- in hindsight I’d suggest by a visionary alchemist-purely to fulfil part of a short music project at the school they all attended, Nanna, Thomas, Steffen, Kasper and Soffie immediately found the chemistry so many musicians search years to find.

The individual influences of each, so different it seemed to begin with, truly give Lowly that unique sound, one that has been developing over the course of the last year. Recent shows and festivals have been received ecstatically and we were lucky enough to witness one of those performances at Spot Festival earlier this year. Quite simply, Lowly are one of the best young bands i have seen live in a long time. The music is at times intricate yet deep and sensual, the fascinating rhythms of drummer Steffen a perfect counterpoint to the gorgeous melodies of Soffie and Nanna. The overall effect of this in tandem with the liquid bass and keyboard lines creates a set that has you on the verge of crying and dancing all at the same time. There isn’t a band out there today like them, which is thrilling. To make music that is both emotional and influential at this early stage, shows that Lowly a band of limitless possibilities.

7PM Doors - £6 - Facebook Event


Sunday 14th May

The Molochs

First, let’s meet Moloch. You remember him, right? The ancient god, the child eater, the demander of sacrifice, the villain in Ginsberg’s Howl(and also real life) and now the personal antagonist of singer and songwriter Lucas Fitzsimons, who named his band the Molochs because he knew he’d have to make sacrifices to get what he needed, and because he always wanted a reminder of the Ginsbergian monster he’d be fighting against. And so this is how you make a record right now: you fight for every piece, and when Moloch takes apart your relationships and career potential and leaves you sleeping on couches or living in terrifying apartments and just about depleted from awful people involving you in their awful decisions, you grab a bottle of wine (and laugh at the cliché) and put together another song. And once you do that eleven hard-won times in total, you get a record like America’s Velvet Glory: honest, urgent, desperate and fearless because of it.

Fitzsimons came to his calling in an appropriately mythic way, born in a historic city not far from Buenos Aires and raised in L.A.’s South Bay—just outside of Inglewood—where he was immersed in the hip-hop hits on local radio. (Westside Connection!) The summer d before he started middle school, a close friend got an electric guitar, and Fitzsimons felt an enirresistible inexplicable power: “I’d go back home and I’d look up guitar chords on the internet—even though I had no guitar—and just imagine how I WOULD play them. I was slowly getting obsessed.” When he was 12, his parents took him back to Argentina, and on the first night, he discovered a long-forgotten almost-broken classical guitar in the basement of his ancestral home: “It sounds made-up, but it’s true,” he says. “I didn’t put the guitar down once that whole trip—took it with me everywhere and played and played. When I got back to L.A., I bought my first guitar practically as the plane was landing.”

This started a long line of bands and a long experience of learning to perform in public, as Fitzsimons honed intentions and ideas and tried to figure out why that guitar seemed so important. After a trip to India in 2012, he returned renewed and ready to start again, scrapping his band to lead something new and uncompromising. This was the true start of the Molochs: “It didn’t make any sense to not do everything exactly the way I wanted to do it,” he says. “I was so shy and introverted that singing publicly sounded like a nightmare come true. But I didn’t have a choice—I heard something inside of me and I needed to be the one to express it.”

The first album Forgetter Blues was released with Fitzsimons’ guitarist/organist and longtime bandmate Ryan Foster in early 2013 on his own label—named after a slightly infamous intersection in their then-home of Long Beach—and was twelve songs of anxious garage-y proto-punk-y folk-y rock, Modern Lovers demos and Velvet Underground arcana as fuel and foundation both. It deserved to go farther than it did, which sadly wasn’t very far. But it sharpened Fitzsimons and his songwriting, and after three pent-up years of creativity, he was ready to burst. So he decided to record a new album in the spirit of the first, and in the spirit of everything that the Molochs made so far: “I wanted to spend less time figuring out HOW we were gonna do something and just actually do it.”

The result is America’s Velvet Glory, recorded with engineer Jonny Bell at effortless (says Fitzsimons) sessions at Long Beach’s JazzCats studio. (Also incubator for Molochs’ new labelmates Wall of Death and Hanni El Khatib.) It starts with an anxious electric minor-key melody and ends on a last lonesome unresolved organ riff, and in between comes beauty, doubt, loss, hate and even a moments or two of peace. There are flashes of 60s garage rock—like the Sunset Strip ’66 stormer “No More Cryin’” or the “Little Black Egg”-style heartwarmer-slash-breaker “The One I Love”—but like one of Foster’s and Fitzsimons’ favorites the Jacobites, the Molochs are taking the past apart, not trying to recreate it.

You can hear where songs bend, where voices break, where guitars start to shiver and when strings are about to snap; on “You And Me,” you can almost hear Lou Reed’s ghost call for a solo, and on “I Don’t Love You,” you get that subway-sound guitar and find out what happens when Jonathan Richman’s G-I-R-L-F-R-E-N goes wrong. And of course there’s the charismatic chaos of bootleg basement-tape Dylan—always Dylan, says Fitzsimons—and the locked-room psychedelia of Syd Barrett, especially on “Charlie’s Lips,” Fitzsimons’ ode to—or antidote to—those times when he felt the bleakness completely: “Then a bird lands on a branch nearby, you hear leaves fluttering, you hear a child laughing … all of a sudden things don’t seem so bad anymore.”

So Moloch might still be out there, devouring his sacrifices, but the Molochs are still fighting, too. And that’s why Fitzsimons picked the band name—it’s so he remembers what he’s up against. He’s not celebrating the destroyer of youth and individuality and creativity, he says: “I’m just keeping him in sight so that he doesn’t win.” – Christopher Ziegler

7PM Doors - £6 - Facebook Event

Monday 15th May

Pleasure House

Pleasure House had a whirlwind 2016 – after a successful debut UK headline tour combined with three sold-out hometown headline shows alongside supporting the likes of Sundara Karma, Swim Deep, High Tyde, Black Honey, Fickle Friends, Inheaven & more.

7PM Doors - £6 - Facebook Event


Tuesday 16th May

CSC Presents: Soft Kill (USA) // Roxy Agogo // Kaspar Hauser

Control Social Club presents:

Soft Kill who’ll be taking a day out of their tour with Chameleons Vox to make their long awaited Scottish debut.

Tuesday 16th May @ Broadcast, Glasgow.

Soft Kill

Bio: Portland Oregon’s Soft Kill will be releasing their third full length album Choke on Profound Lore Records. Soft Kill began in 2010 by releasing one of the most highly regarded post punk albums of the last ten years An Open Door. Founding member Tobias Sinclair joins Conrad Vollmer (Warm Hands) on guitar and Owen Glendower on synths. Rooted in influences such as the Chameleons, Wire and The Sound the album branches out, pulling delicately from the foundational elements of Cocteau Twins and Spaceman 3. Choke places the listener deeply under water and leaves them gasping for breath, placing them above hope with tracks like On The Inside, which features the vocals of legendary Mark Burgess of Chameleons. The song draws from the first wave of post punk and slips seamlessly into the cascading and ethereal elements of early shoegaze. The opening track Whirl bleeds together the pop sentimentality of New Order with the dazzling Sheffield sound of Pulp. Lyrically Choke speaks on topics of loss and longing, and the choices we are all asked to make.



Kaspar Hauser

+++ Control Social Club (DJs)

£6 ADV tickets // Doors 7pm

7PM Doors - £6 - Facebook Event


Thursday 18th May

Loud Poets

7PM Doors

Friday 19th May

Happy Birthday Joey Ramone

A night celebrating the great music of the NY punk scene featuring
Ramoaners , Tenement & Temple, The Rockaway Bitches Shock and Awe + more all proceeds to cystic fibrosis.


Happy Birthday Joey Ramone is a celebration of the music of Joey and his influential Ramones. Glasgow Friday 19th May Broadcast- Edinburgh Citrus Club Sat 20th May . Tenement an Temple ( aka Thrum) Shock and Awe (Edinburgh) Neil Sturgeon and others will give their renditions of Ramones classics and a full set of Ramones from Glasgow tribute Ramoaners a special £10 twin ticket will be available and a raffle will also be held in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. All proceeds from these events will go to cystic fibrosis .

7PM Doors - £7 - Facebook Event


Saturday 20th May

Homeshake **moved to CCA**

***Please note this show has moved to the CCA***

Born in the bleak isolation of the secluded prairie city of Edmonton, Canada, Homeshake’s Peter Sagar worked with friends in a number of local bands before picking up and moving to Montreal in 2011 to begin recording under the Homeshake moniker. Following two self-released cassettes (The Homeshake Tapes and Dynamic Meditation) and two acclaimed full lengths (In The Shower and Midnight Snack), Sagar cracks a window open with his third album for Sinderlyn – Fresh Air.

Started immediately following the recording of Midnight Snack, Fresh Air continues Sagar’s exploration of dreamy, downtempo bedroom R&B and draws inspiration from such disparate artists like Sade, The Band, Broadcast, Prince, and Angelo Badalamenti. As the title Fresh Air suggests, Sagar’s songs were created to clear his listeners’ minds of negativity. Full of smokey, laid back love songs and airy productions, Sagar’s decidedly stoned sound is a breath of fresh air.

7PM Doors - £8 - Facebook Event


Saturday 20th May

Sweet Creeps single launch

Relative Recordings is excited to announce it’s first release ‘Sonder’ the new single from Glasgow based slacker surf-pop band Sweet Creeps.

Coming out Saturday 20th May 2017, the single is a reflection on Sonder, which is a realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Sweet Creeps have been described as wall to wall with warm fuzzy tones spread warmly throughout. They describe their influences as the likes of Blur, Pavement, Courtney Barnett and The Cure and have been picking up momentum in their careers gigging throughout Scotland and beginning to build a loyal following.

The bands releases have been well received in Scotland with great reviews with the likes of Bloc+Music describing their release “Post Glow Television” as a “ridiculously catchy pop song” with “impressively balanced guitar-saturated bombast and memorable melodic licks”.



Glasgow collective bringing you Bubblegum-Shoegaze-pop


The Morning Retakes-

The Morning Retakes are a 4 piece indie/alt rock band from West Lothian. We were formed in mid 2016 and have loved playing gigs since February this year. Our influences include bands such as The Strokes, The Vaccines and Oasis.

7PM Doors - £5/£4 - Facebook Event


Sunday 21st May

The Shivas + Yung

The Shivas are a rock and roll band from Portland, Oregon formed in 2006. With mountains of reverb and walls of feedback they have since rolled their swirling dance party throughout many countries around the world. The Shivas have released 5 LPs, a 7” EP and various short run cassettes. They have been featured at festivals such as SXSW, Austin Psych Fest and Levitation Vancouver (BC Canada), as well as having toured or appeared with the likes of The Dandy Warhols, Spiritualized and La Luz.

Their most recent release is February 2016’s long player “Better Off Dead” (K Records LP/CD, Burger Records CASS), recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia. Washington with engineer Calvin Johnson. Shortly thereafter comes the release, this May, of their new 7″ (out on Casino Trash Records – Seattle, WA), a headbanging preview of the new material that is to come on their next LP. The Shivas will be spending spring and summer 2016 on tour across North America and Europe.


What are the dreams of a youth that never makes time to rest? For Yung frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjær, a Danish DIY figurehead who has left a catalogue of cassettes and self-produced songs in his wake, the goal seemed to be recording, and living, as fast as possible. Since he began to record music as a teenager (his father put him behind a drum set when he was 4), slow hasn’t been his preferred speed. Writing and performing songs filled with gritty guitar and driving rhythms that snap like a live wire, he’s been busy channelling the electric drive of youth, creating brief, flashing sonic portraits of his life in Aarhus, the country’s gritty, industrial second city.

That makes the music on the reflective A Youthful Dream, the debut album from Yung, such a revelation. Angst makes space for wisdom, youthful exuberance begins channelling road-tested experience, and a blur of basement shows and self-produced bromides becomes something more. DIY doesn’t mean unrefined, it just means personal. And at a point where inertia made way for introspection, Silkjær showcased a new degree of songwriting craft and and sonic experimentation, and a new perspective on everyday life and young adulthood.

7PM Doors - £7 - Facebook Event


Monday 22nd May

Barb Wire Dolls

PCL presents
Barb Wire Dolls

Monday 22nd May
7PM // 18+

“Barb Wire Dolls are the most explosive and exciting new punk band I’ve seen in decades! They are gonna change the face of music and save rock and roll as we know it!” – Mickey Leigh/brother of Joey Ramone

Barb Wire Dolls are one of the most vital new bands in music today, representing all that is inspiring and furious about rock and roll. Hailing from an artist commune on the island of Crete, the band sold everything they owned and left crisis-ridden Greece in 2010 for Los Angeles, at the invite of legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer. Upon their arrival in California, Barb Wire Dolls immediately sold out the world famous Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, boasting a live show that is second to none. The band has gone on to melt ears & hearts on 700 stages across 22 countries in just under five years – consistently selling out club dates in America, the UK and Europe.

“Barb Wire Dolls are pure, raw, in-your-face energy; their live performance was nothing short of amazing.” – Portland Music

Electrifying rock of this magnitude did not go unnoticed by the elder statesman of the Sunset Strip, the incomparable, irreplaceable Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. After seeing Barb Wire Dolls live, Lemmy took an immediate interest in the band and placed them under his supportive wing. Ever since his early days, hanging with the likes of Sid Vicious and other punk icons, Mr. Kilmister loved punk rock, having even once penned a track entitled ‘R.A.M.O.N.E.S’ about his close friend Joey Ramone. Disgusted with the current state of rock music and its lack of true rebels, Lemmy saw that the Dolls were the obvious choice to help carry the torch of rock and roll as part of his label, Motörhead Music.

“If you were bummed that you missed out on the Sex Pistols and Black Flag because you were only one, or not even born yet, here’s your chance to catch one of the best bands playing that style today. From their music to their attitude, Barb Wire Dolls embody that same spirit of the late ‘70s punk scene.” – Washington Times

Recorded at Sonic Ranch (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ministry, Gogol Bordello) and NRG (Motörhead, Foo Fighters, No Doubt) studios, Barb Wire Doll’s sophomore album Desperate was produced and mixed by Grammy award-winning producer Jay Baumgardner (Bush, Evanescence, Lacuna Coil) and mastered by Grammy award-winning mastering engineer Howie Weinberg (Nirvana’s Nevermind, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik, U2’s Pop). The ten song album contains gripping rock tracks,

empowering anthems, and hard-edged thrashers, all performed with the classic punk rock energy the band has become internationally known for. As members of Motörhead Music, Barb Wire Dolls are represented by Lemmy’s long-time manager Todd Singerman, Motörhead’s booking agents, and parent label UDR/Warner Music Group. Desperate’s release through Motörhead Music serves as an edgy, thrilling first chapter in the life of a label whose mission is to present the most fiery new bands in rock and roll.

“Barb Wire Dolls are the new face of Punk. The Dolls deliver real authentic punk rock with 70’s CBGB style swagger with an oversexed frontwoman who makes Debbie Harry in her 70’s prime look downright homely, while singing like Patti Smith channeling Johnny Rotten.”- Music Entertainment

Fronted by the whip-smart vocal and fashion icon Isis Queen (named after the Greek Goddess herself), Barb Wire Dolls intelligently weave sub-genres of punk, grunge, and metal, producing an urgent sound that is truly unique. The group’s dynamic musicianship is blasted forth by former pro surfer & skateboarder Pyn Doll on lead guitar, Krash Doll on drums, Iriel Blaque on bass, and Remmington on rhythm guitar. In 2012, the band encamped themselves in Nirvana noise-guru Steve Albini’s recording studio to produce their debut, Slit, over the span of just two days. Garnering critical acclaim and comparisons to the likes of Nirvana, Blondie, and the Ramones, Slit and its chart-topping lead single ‘Revolution’ powered the band to almighty festival headliner status (shredding fest-stages atop 12 countries), while simultaneously gracing the covers of 15 magazines. Few female-fronted punk bands in history have made a more immediate and tangible impact on their contemporary musical landscape.

“Barb Wire Dolls have emerged as the new voice of real punk rock with their mesmerizing, spellbinding exhibition of attitude-laden, high-octane punk rock.” – Metal Assault

Apart from touring on their own name and playing main stages at major festivals around the world including Riot Fest (USA), Rebellion (UK), Mighty Sounds (CZ), Brincadeira (SP), Foud’ Rock (FR), and Bochum Total (GER), Barb Wire Dolls have also co-headlined dates with the likes of GBH, Fear, Mike Watt, Sham 69, Discharge, Cockney Rejects, The Ataris, Murder Junkies, CJ Ramone, 999, Status Quo, Mushroomhead, and Candlebox, as well as playing direct tour support for Jello Biafra, NOFX, Descendents, Bouncing Souls, and Steel Panther.

“Barb Wire Dolls are punk rock all the way to the bone!” – Vice

In 2015, Barb Wire Dolls were bestowed the honor of headlining the annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in New York City…and 2016 saw the invitation extended once again. Past headliners include Green Day, New York Dolls, Blondie, Cheap Trick, The Damned and Joan Jett. The Doll’s performances have attracted members of the Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Guns N’ Roses, L7, Blondie, Dead Kennedys, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Kreator, Sonic Youth, UK Subs, The Damned, and Die Toten Hosen, among others.

“Every few years or so a band comes along that changes the music landscape. They are different from the other bands that are out there. They bring something new and exciting to an otherwise generic music scene that the public has grown tired of. The Beatles did this, The Sex Pistols did this, Guns N’ Roses did this, Nirvana did this. But for the past 20 years no band has been able to stand out from their predecessors. No band has been able to re-ignite the music scene, to bring back the energy it once had…that is until now. With their sound, their look, and their attitude, Barb Wire Dolls are going to do what no band has been able to do within the last two decades…take the music industry by storm.” – Sugarbuzz

Desperate is being released world-wide this summer in conjunction with the band’s debut performance at Germany’s Wacken Open Air, the largest metal festival in the world. Out to smash all misconceptions about women in rock today, Barb Wire Dolls’ cultural and musical immediacy is not to be missed

7PM Doors - £10 - Facebook Event


Tuesday 23rd May

Miya Folick

I’m from Santa Ana, California and grew up going to a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist church in Orange County. I played basketball for 9 years and hated it the entire time.

I went to NYU, but stopped going to class and would spend all day walking around the city by myself. So I left and moved home and spent the rest of that semester learning how to play guitar from a person I went to high school with.

I play music because forming thoughts into sounds blends emotional and rational thought in a way that turns me on. I met my band on Tinder.

7PM Doors - £7 - Facebook Event


Wednesday 24th May

Clydeside Live Glasgow

This is a charity gig for Cash For Kids Featuring;
For Pony, Frantic, Second Storey Operator and one more band still TBC!!

7PM Doors - Facebook Event


Thursday 25th May

Aldous Harding

PCL presents
Aldous Harding
Thursday 25th May

4AD welcomes Aldous Harding, a remarkable talent from New Zealand. Today, she presents a powerful opening statement with a new song ‘Horizon’ and startling companion video.

Aldous Harding’s music is not for the faint of heart. Disarming in its desolate imagery and stark instrumentation, her songs draw from the core facets of life: death, birth, grief and love. There are few happy endings, but the power is in how Harding enters into battle; with a dancer’s grace and a boxer’s stance.

Harding initially ignited interest with her eponymous debut album released just two years ago. With echoes of folk luminaries Vashti Bunyan and Linda Perhacs, Harding’s work is one step removed from the modern world, but lies in more savage terrain than her forebears, wrought with a wry wit and tenacious gall.

For her 4AD debut, Aldous – real name Hannah – Harding has been working with award-winning producer John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse), and ‘Horizon’ offers an enticing preview of that collaboration. The confrontational accompanying video, directed by Charlotte Evans, and produced by Evie Mackay, stars a combative Harding and her mother in the New Zealand hinterland

7PM Doors - £9 - Facebook Event


Friday 26th May

Five Cousins

Facebook: @fivecousinsband
Twitter: @FiveCousins

7PM Doors


Saturday 27th May

Crash Club Late Night Session

First gig of 2017 for Crash Club
and it’s a late night rave

doors 11.30pm
beats from thewisegoldfish
and guests to join on the next.

£5 entry
expect beats, visuals, lights and song new songs in the mix.

tickets link —–>>>

11PM Doors - £5 - Facebook Event


Sunday 28th May

Realm of Torment / Drawn In / Full Contact / Chamber / xServitudex

Trial by Fire Presents..

Realm of Torment:
UK metalcore warriors return to Scotland as part of a 3 show weekender. New EP dropping imminently. Until then, jam their LP some more here:

Drawn In:
Second City’s crossover riffers return from the dead to grace the stage once more. Recording new material currently, but until then, keep rocking their material here:

Full Contact:
Beatdown/Hardcore straight from the mean streets of Kettering. Listen here, particular attention to the split with BUH:

Metallic Hardcore from the West Mids. Played a set with Bitter Youth up here in December, now they’re back with their debut EP on Rage Records. Become one with the mosh and listen up:

(First show) UK Vegan Straight Edge.

Sunday 28th May
£8 OTD

7PM Doors - £8 - Facebook Event

Trudy And The Romance 2

Monday 29th May

Trudy and the Romance

+ Ayakara
“If anyone’s gonna do anything from Liverpool in the next 12 months, it’ll be this lot” NME
“the most urgent they’ve sounded on record, and undoubtedly them at their most enthralling. Clearly not bereft of vigour nor ideas, you can only wonder with what they’ll come up with next” The Line of Best Fit
“Sounding like a cross between Nick Cave and The Strokes… this track is an extraordinarily, upbeat” The Independent
There’ s a storm brewing over this year and in its eye is where you’ ll find Trudy and the Romance, concocting a veritable witch’ s brew of lovelorn sea shanties and mutant rockabilly pop for all the doo-wop digging rockers who thought these isles would never be hip and happening again.
Their march into infamy has not been a long one. Throughout the past year each successive release has earned them new acolytes in the press and on the wireless. They were part of DIY’s class of 2017 as well as NME’s round up of acts to explode this year. Strong support has come from Radio 1, Radio X, Beats 1 and 6Music (where they were Steve Lamacq’s artist of the week) and fashion tastemakers i-D have also sung their praise. Not content to claw their hooks in the media alone, Trudy and the Romance have caused a pestilential stir on the Spotify viral charts, clawing up to #7 with the salty six-stringed soul of ‘ He Sings’ . Their latest single ‘ Sandman’ also sat at #7 on Hype Machine and helped them cap off their year as the fourteenth most blogged artists of 2016.
The new year brings with it new challenges. With a support slot confirmed for those original masters of tumbledown northern rock The Fall, Trudy and the Romance are making friends in high places. March will see the release of a new EP which will be preluded by a John Kennedy live session for Radio X and their first headline nation-wide tour.

7PM Doors - £6 - Facebook Event


Tuesday 30th May

Indie Night

Indie Night will be taking place at Broadcast on the 30th of May. It’s organised by a group of students from the Coatbridge Campus and the performers are from Motherwell Campus.


7PM Doors - Facebook Event


Wednesday 31st May

The Courtneys

PCL presents
The Courtneys
Wednesday 31st May
Glasgow Broadcast
7PM // 18+

Onsale now.

The Courtneys drift back to the sound of the early ’90s, drawing from strong influences including Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and The Clean. Courtney Loove’s dreamy guitar riffs add a timeless powerpop element to the punk backbone formed by Sydney Koke’s driving basslines, while drummer/lead singer Jen Twynn Payne delivers heartfelt lyrics with a powerful vocal style. These components come together through a passionate collaborative songwriting process to deliver a special blend of fuzzy “artisanal grunge”.

The first Courtneys album (self titled) came out in 2013 on small independent label, Hockey Dad Records, based in the band’s hometown of Vancouver, BC, Canada. They have since worked with a number of independent labels including Conquest of Noise in Australia and Waterslide Records in Japan, as well as Burger Records and Gnar tapes in the USA. They have released a number of singles and music videos, and toured throughout Canada and the USA, including spots supporting Tegan and Sara and Mac Demarco.

In 2015 The Courtneys made their way to Australia and New Zealand, where they were hosted by Flying Nun Records. Influenced by the legendary label from early on, the group are honored to now be able to call it their home.

7PM Doors - £9 - Facebook Event


Saturday 3rd June

The Blind Shake

+ Rocket Reducer


“The Blind Shake is at once spacey, primitive futuristic, and brutal: a kind of backyard extraterrestrial minimal surf-punk party. One guitar, one baritone guitar, a fuckload of reverb, and a drummer who deserves an Olympic medal.” –SF Weekly

Fronted by brothers Jim and Mike Blaha, with friend Dave Roper on drums, the trio have been tunneling through the underground since before telephones could talk. Having six full length albums to their credit, several singles, three collaborations with psych legend Michael Yonkers and another with downstroke warrior John Reis, the band continues to push the sliding scale between catchy punk songs and pitch red noise.

They have a brand new EP on Slovenly Records as well as a full-length LP on Goner Records.

7PM Doors - £8 - Facebook Event

f8ee34fb_SQUARE Pixx by Cat Stevens 2 (1)

Saturday 3rd June


A playful, performative record, The Age Of Anxiety borrows its title from a phrase found in a notebook given to Pixx (the moniker of 21 year-old musician Hannah Rodgers) by her brother, Luke. It is the title of W.H. Auden’s final long poem, charting one man’s quest to find substance and identity in a shifting and increasingly industrialised world. Published in 1947, it seems fitting that Auden’s rumination on human isolation in the modern age should be used as the title for Pixx’s debut album – ostensibly placing herself outside looking in, The Age Of The Anxiety looks instead to address a generation increasingly isolated by an unprecedented new world, from the pressures of social media to ever-changing political turbulence.
Originally from Chipstead, just beyond the fringes of south London where suburban sprawl starts to break into countryside, Hannah’s is a family of music lovers and her early life was soundtracked by her father’s expansive record collection; she has previously cited acts as diverse as Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Altered
Images. Encouraged to sing and write, these formative years led to her creative talents being recognised by the prestigious BRIT School. Aged 16, and already with a number of her own songs sketched out, Rodgers enrolled at the renowned performing arts college, previously attended by the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse
and King Krule. It was only after graduating that she begin to think of doing anything with her own music, resisting the more mainstream route traditionally taken by her peers. Adopting her grandmother’s nickname, Pixx was born.
Signed to venerable indie label 4AD at just 19, Pixx released her first collection of music, Fall In, in 2015. An EP of four folk-infused torch songs, it is, by Rodgers’ own admission, a deeply personal collection writ of heartbreak and introspection. Fall In went down a storm amongst critics, with The Sunday Times calling it “one of the most arresting debuts of the year.” The critical attention helped her secure crucial slots at Glastonbury and Latitude festivals, whilst she was also invited to perform with the likes of Daughter, Lush and Glass Animals amongst others.
Hannah remembers her first awareness of anxiety; aged 9, confused by an insomnia caused by recurring nightmares. The perpetual cycle from sleep deprivation to lucid dreams lasted just a year, but left a lasting impression, inspiring a fascination with the self and how it can be discovered in different states of consciousness, especially for a vivid dreamer. This is one of many somnolent experiences that she draws upon for her anticipated debut album, The Age Of Anxiety, released later this year on 4AD.
With the outside world in turmoil, Rodgers looked internally for inspiration. Those childhood nightmares, and later visceral dreams, provided the perfect metaphors to unpick the current topics of the moment, to seize some sort of control when all around seems to lost. Instead of tales of loss, Rodgers found herself
writing from the perspective of a social commentator, exploring the sense of unease ignited initially by her nightmares and later her waking reality. The spiralling ‘Waterslides’ recounts a nightmare of being trapped in a waterpark surrounded by faceless figures dressed in business suits, whilst ‘A Big Cloud To Float Upon’
details one of the first formative memories Hannah is able to clearly recall.
A compulsive writer, ‘Everything Is Weird In America’ is a line Hannah scribbled in a notebook during her first visit to New York. Although intended to be tongue-in-cheek, it is prescient in the way it depicts the Free World’s current state of uncertainty, increasingly poignant given the ongoing climate. In contrast, ‘Grip’ is about going through life looking backwards, but interminably moving forwards into the unknown, echoing a generation lost in time.
An ambitious debut statement, The Age Of Anxiety represents the first true statement from a unique British talent, drawing on deeply personal experiences to present a bold, relatable new commentary on her world order.

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Saturday 3rd June

ONRA (live)

Globetrotting producer Onra has staked his claim as one of the most exciting beat-makers of the past few years, thanks to releases like the 80’s Funk beat album Long Distance, various Boogie edits and his Chinoiseries collections (made with Chinese music samples found while traveling Asia).

His talent for delivering emotive, soulful hip-hop that really hits the spot is demonstrated through his multitude of releases since 2006. Hailing from Paris, Arnaud has produced six albums and even more EPs. Through his various releases, Onra evidently takes influences from a hugely eclectic range of sounds, from Jazz through to Funk and RnB; carefully and respectfully using these styles to craft a unique and refreshing take on traditional Hip-Hop.

11PM Doors - £10 - Facebook Event


Wednesday 7th June


From adversity can come triumph, and from catharsis inspiration. Such has been the case for GNOOMES, the threesome hailing from Perm, Russia, whose second release for Rocket Recordings, ‘Tschak!’ arrives in the wake of considerable turbulence and tumult, all of which has only been fuel for a creative epiphany that has seen them create a deeply evocative work rich with vibrant experimentation and saturated in a widescreen sense of wonder.

It may only have been eighteen months since ‘Ngan!’, the band’s first release for Rocket, whose self-styled ‘stargaze’ approach marked a glorious collision between melodic sweetness, skysurfing guitar experimentation and motorik magnificence, yet the band have already moved on to a sonic landscape still more adventurous and ethereal on ‘Tschak!’, not to mention an emotionally resonant approach that’s bewitching to witness.

Taking in torrents of guitar noise and electronic extrapolations both blissfully kosmische and aggressively abrasive, it exists outside of all or any convenient genres, a vivid and singular work by three dreamers-at-heart forced to manifest their vision into a psychic defense to the circumstances surrounding them.

“Our vocalist has been almost taken into the Russian Army, while some of us were caught by the police for being high, and the court sentenced [the members] to five days in prison and one year of visiting a narcologist every month,” the band relate. “So we haven’t had an opportunity to use psychedelics during the recording process. It was a challenge for us to find the legal ways to make psych music without it, but we thought that it’s not so bad, we could find the best way in daily life and simple things that surrounded us.”

Working in splendid isolation thanks to a studio space provided by their work for a local radio station, the band had time and space for the alchemical process of creating ‘Tschak!’ entirely on their own terms. Central to the this were a collection of Russian synths that they gathered, whose eccentric arpeggios and analogue textures form crucial ingredients on songs like ‘Severokamsk’ and the title track, arriving at a sound that forms a star-crossed and timeless marriage between the experimentation of krautrock and the lineage of Warp Records.

“The synths were produced at different time during the Cold War,” Gnoomes explain. “It was a real arms race that made Soviet physicists and sound engineers create new instruments that could compete with the American analogues. More often they lost the battles but anyway there were some examples of a very unique species.”

“Growing up in Russia affects our music a lot,” they reflect. “Sometimes very vivid images from the past come into our minds. Our guitarist Dima grew up near Chernobyl and he remembers the situation when he and his Grandad were evacuated from this area to the Urals. Of course it has a serious impact on his approach of doing music – to kill all the fear and to break the mental barriers that you already have. We don’t like the politics but we can’t ignore them. As for cultural funding, this situation reminds us the beginning of the ’70s in Germany where there was a domination of Schlager and youngsters just wanted to avoid it by creating music to break the rules.”

Forging forth into unknown realms both physical and metaphysical, the band recently completed a UK tour – including an appearance at Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia. Yet with the dreamlike radiance of the potent and otherworldly ‘Tschak!’ on their side, this adventure is already well on its way. “Our chins hit the floor the whole time. We were like kids. We had an overwhelming experience and we realise that it’s just a beginning of our path,” they reflect. “2016 has brought us a lot of emotions. We found something really worth living in this weird place named ‘Earth’.”

Praise for Gnoomes:

“the trio known as Gnoomes have an alluring, mysterious sound owing much to ’70s krautrock, heavy psych, and prog” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Gnoomes create seriously delirious and transportive sounds” Clash

“The band to watch.” Guy Garvey BBC 6 Music

“Glorious psych” NME

“Stunning stuff from this Russian psych-rock outfit.” The Quietus 

“The poppier moments .. recall The Flaming Lips’ electro jamz, dreamy New Order numbers as remixed by Grumbling Fur or WIXIW-period Liars doing disrespectful deconstructions of The Notwist’s delicate indietronica.” – Record Collector

“It’s a heady concoction that takes in lullaby synth-pop on “Maria”, some ‘70s Germany and ’80s Manchester, and with heavy nods to cold wave throughout… A texturally immersive listen that aims to crowbar open that third eye” – Uncut

7PM Doors - £5 - Facebook Event

Press shot Feb 2017

Thursday 8th June


PCL presents
Thursday 8th June
18+ // 7PM

Step into the kaleidoscopic world of ​WEIRDS​, and you’ll be engulfed in a glorious, sonically technicoloured smog. After honing their craft over several years on the Leeds circuit, the band are now armed with colossal debut album ​SWARMCULTURE set for release 12th May on Alcopop! Records. The record establishes ​WEIRDS trademark sound as one that features lush, viscous layers that you can almost feel and taste, intricately positioned to create an escapist and mesmerising experience.

WEI​RDS recently revealed ​Valley Of Vision, the first single from ​SWARMCULTURE​, in the form of a spectacularly cinematic and eerie music vid​ eo. Perking up the ears of ​Huw Stephens, the track has go​ ne on to receive spins from ​BBC Radio 1.

Recorded with​ Ma​tt Pee l(​Pulle​dApartByHorses,Eagulls) at​The Nave, an atmospheric Leeds studio built into a converted church, WEIRDS set out to create a dark, heavy, psychedelic record which still had the pop structure and hooks to make people dance. Following on from 2016s ​Weird Sun EP​, the band intentionally wanted to create light at the end of the sonic tunnel with ​SWARMCULTURE ​to provide a sense of relief from the lyrically brutal narrative. The studio location was significant in coining the album title, derived after bassist Matthew Vaughan had observed a flock of starlings in the courtyard, triggering a trail of thought on colonial behaviour and how is transcends to multiple species – including humankind.
“It was a very conscious decision to combine the two words to create ‘Swarmculture’. It just seemed to encapsulate the world we wanted to create with this record. With the fact that Western culture is swarming towards a populist right, with people blaming others for parts of their lives that they’re not happy with, calling for change before they even begin to think about whether the change will be good or not, we felt ‘Swarmculture’ reflected the world we live in. Everything swarms, whether it be a colony of ants or the corporate conglomerates. We definitely, and will continue to, try to keep music and politics separate but as any type of artist, you are definitely inspired and influenced by what is going on around you”
– Aidan Razzall, Vocals

The album artwork for ​SWARMCULTURE features a striking mirrored image of a Costa Rican Palm Viper snake, belonging to ​VICE documentary subject ​Steve Ludwin who gained notoriety by injecting lethal doses of snake venom for a natural high and to boost immunity.

A testament to DIY music, ​WEIRDS are a creative force that reaches beyond the music – from their hand printed zines to curating line-ups and promoting shows in Leeds. With unrelenting, full-throttled live shows at their core, 2017 will see the band push each performance to its limit with a short UK headline run in March, including a three-night free show London residency, followed by their support to ​The Wytches in April. Summer will see the band land at ​Camden Rocks and ​2000 Trees, with further festivals to be confirmed soon.

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Sunday 11th June

Mannequin Pussy

Mannequin Pussy is an aggressive punk band with a vast dynamic range. They’re explosive, energetic and powerful performers whose personal lyrical content and concise songwriting makes for an intense, emotional listen.

7PM Doors - £7 - Facebook Event


Thursday 15th June

The Bats

Five years after the release of their last critically acclaimed album, The Bats return with album number nine, “The Deep Set”. With the title conveying the long established and firmly embedded, it’s notable that it’s thirty years since The Bats began recording their debut album, Daddy’s Highway, in the living room studio of a friend of a friend in Glasgow. This time around they recorded in The Sitting Room, the studio-sleep out-garage next to Ben Edward’s house in Lyttelton, following in the footsteps of Marlon Williams, Nadia Reid and many others.

With Edwards help “The Deep Set” continues The Bats’ 21st century resurgence. Yes, this is The Bats so the chords still chug, the guitars chime, ring, and jangle, the melodies are clear and memorable, the rhythm section is unstoppable. But the band mines the darker, deeper sound that 2011’s “Free All the Monsters” revealed.

The songs remain reflective but that oft-expected sweet folksiness pops up less frequently. As the title suggests the music is richer, expansive, deeper. In their fourth decade as a band familiarity has come to mean a more careful treatment of each song. Is it maturity? It definitely translates into more depth and complexity but hey the songs are still as catchy as all hell. And as a lyricist, Robert Scott continues his mastery of the personal and pastoral, the landscape and longing.

As always the key to The Bats is the emotion that their (seemingly) simple songs carry. They continue to mine that Mainland melancholy; the kind that somehow never risks being depressing. But of course that means there is lament and nostalgia, even if it’s only for last night.

Taking us from the sunshine of Otago’s Taieri River to darkest Durkestan and apparently ending in the midst of contemporary New Zealand politics, “The Deep Set” continues the composed confidence of their recent albums with one of The Bats’strongest sets of songs, fueled by ever-more powerful guitars. If you grew up with The Bats their early recordings will always pull at your emotions but while less vulnerable and immediate than on their classic debut album, The Bats of the 21st century somehow manage to be more intimate and urgent.

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Wednesday 21st June

The Red Paintings

Just announced:
The Red Paintings
Wednesday 21st June
7PM Doors

7PM Doors - £10


Friday 23rd June

Show Me The Body

The New York City punk band Show Me the Body made up of front man Julian Cashwan Pratt, 22, drummer Noah Cohen-Corbett, 20, and bassist Harlan Steed, 21 know something you don’t – Do It Yourself. For the last 2 years, Show Me the Body have been working on the fringes of the NYC music scene cultivating inclusive experiences for the youth and beyond.

They released their full-length debut, Body War, in summer of 2016. Body War is a abrasive yet compelling project that could only come from a city as wildly tumultuous as NYC. Their harshly distorted banjo riffs, mighty baselines, powerful drums, plus manipulated samples of the band’s own demos, combine for a full immersion experience.

7PM Doors - £10 - Facebook Event


Thursday 13th July

JT Forrest

Hailing from the east end of Glasgow comes a wave of acoustic guitars, electronic beats and synths in the form of Jt Forrest. Playing in and around Glasgow for several years in different guises, only recently has he settled on a style that feels all his own. Merging the sad of 90’s indie (Elliott Smith) and the happy of 60’s pop (Beach Boys), catchy choruses and thoughtful lyrics clash to create an intimate and poppy sound. First headlining show in his home town so expect a party.

Craig Meighan Music

Doors 7pm – Entry £6 OTD

7PM Doors - £6 - Facebook Event


Monday 4th September

Scott Hirsch + Michael Chapman

After many years spent as a steadfast and inventive collaborator—not only playing bass and producing four albums with Hiss Golden Messenger, but in large part forging that band’s sonic signature—multi-instrumentalist, recordist, and audio engineer Scott Hirsch finally made a solo album, and it’s called Blue Rider Songs, released August 2016 on Scissortail Records. The album emerged from various personal contexts: a year of near-constant touring with Hiss Golden Messenger in 2015; a move with his family from Brooklyn to California, and the launch of his new Echo Magic West studio there; and above all, the process of making the self-titled Golden Gunn album with M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger and their mutual friend Steve Gunn. Hirsch wrote much of the music on that album, and watching Taylor and Gunn set words and vocals to his instrumental productions proved the necessary catalyst to take his writing and recording into fresh territory under his own name. Hirsch even reinterprets Golden Gunn standout track ‘The Sun Comes up a Purple Diamond’ here, repurposing Gunn’s lyrics, but attenuating the song into something even more heat-stricken and dilatory than the hazy original. Blue Rider Songs nods to the Tulsa sound and rural American greats like JJ Cale, drawing tangled traditions and tangents of North American vernacular music and in Hirsch’s inimitable aesthetic, brings in notably subtle contributions from old band mates The Court and Spark and HGM stalwarts Phil Cook (Organ and harmonica) and Matt Douglas (Sax), among others, along for the ride.


Support: Michael Chapman

7PM Doors - £10 + BF - Facebook Event


Friday 8th September

Chastity Belt

Taking cues from both the politics of the riot grrrl scene and the intricate, moody guitar-based sound of early-’90s Pacific Northwestern indie bands like Sleater-Kinney and Autoclave, Walla Walla, Washington-based Chastity Belt formed in 2010. The band consisted of lead vocalist/guitarist Julia Shapiro, bassist Annie Truscott, drummer Gretchen Grimm, and guitarist Lydia Lund. The group quickly integrated irreverent humor into its seemingly serious musical presence. Apart from witty and cutting lyrical content, the band named its first locally circulated demo recordings Fuck Chastity Belt and later shot press photos that portrayed Shapiro wearing a chastity belt made out of a raw steak. They continued this trend when releasing their proper debut, No Regerts, in 2013, subtly but intentionally misspelling “No Regrets” as one might on a horribly, ironically botched tattoo. The band toured heavily in support of No Regerts, and returned in early 2015 with sophomore album Time to Go Home on their new label home of Hardly Art Records.

7PM Doors - £10 - Facebook Event


Sunday 10th September


Making spiky, dramatic pop music, Banfi’s first official shot across the bows ‘Where We Part’ was posted on Soundcloud in April 2015, which led to the band signing with Communion Records. 2016 has been spent in the studio recording their debut album with producer Richard Wilkinson (Bombay Bicycle Club, Honne, Kaiser Chiefs) and the first release from these sessions, Happy When You Go, is out now!
‘Happy When You Go’ is a delicious earworm of a debut single, with its layers of guitar-inflected pop blending with bittersweet straight-talking lyrics. Banfi’s irresistible hooks and choruses take influence from left-field pop acts including Alt-J and The Knife as well as the minimal mathletics of Foals and the huge stagecraft of The Police. “The energy of The Police that is found in their live performance it’s something we want to try and put across.” said Joe.
Joe first came to the attention of Communion in 2012 off the back of an unsolicited solo demo. He released two EPs in 2013 – championed by Zane Lowe, John Kennedy and Mary Anne Hobbs, these acclaimed EPs were a distinctive hybrid of Joe’s influences from Nick Drake to the Deftones. Emboldened by critical acclaim, Joe went away to write and develop as an artist, and along with bandmates Aaron and Chris, Banfi was born.
Banfi have performed support slots with Bear’s Den, Nathaniel Rateliff and Amber Run, as well as numerous festival appearances including Citadel, Great Escape and Bushstock.
They will perform a headline show at The Old Blue Last on 29th November and undertake a residency at the same venue in the first 3 months of 2017.

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Saturday 16th September

Spiral Stairs

It’s been eight years since Scott Kannberg, aka Spiral Stairs, released any new music. He knows that. The years just have a habit of slipping away sometimes.

‘The Real Feel’ – the Pavement guitarist and Preston School Of Industry leader’s 3rd album – arrived in 2009, just as Pavement were announcing a hugely successful burst of reunion shows through 2010. “Then, after the Pavement shows, I moved with my wife to go live in a house in the country near Brisbane, in Australia,” the amiable Scott remembers, of those years of seeming inactivity. “Then we had a kid, and that sort of got in the way. I tried to do music, but all of a sudden it was two years later and I’m mowing my lawn and tending my garden.”

A little while after that, Scott and family got bored of life in Australia and moved to Los Angeles. “I had the perfect set-up there, so I started work. The way I write songs is, I put on my electric guitar and walk around the house and play it and look at myself in the mirror,” he laughs, “and just make up stuff. But because the kid was off at school for three hours a day, I only really had an hour or so to do that. So it took a little time. It was my intention to have done at least a couple more records by now, things just got in the way.”

You can’t hurry genius – not even the genial, unforced and unpretentious genius that has long been Scott‘s forte. What’s for sure is his second album as Spiral Stairs, ‘Doris And The Daggers’, is worth the wait.
It’s some of the best music Scott‘s been involved with, and also some of the most personal and emotional music he’s ever written, reflecting the life changes that occurred over those eight years. During that stretch, Scott weathered the loss of friends, treasured the joys of fatherhood, lived life as an Australian and even ate haggis meat – experiences that inform these warm, sweetly melodic and soundly honest songs.

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Wednesday 18th October

Diet Cig

PCL presents
Diet Cig
Wednesday 18th October
18+ // 7PM
On sale now.

Diet Cig are here to have fun. They’re here to tear you away from the soul-sucking sanctity of your dumpster-fire life and replace it with pop-blessed punk jams about navigating the impending doom of adulthood when all you want is to have ice cream on your birthday.

Alex Luciano (guitar and vocals) and Noah Bowman (drums) have been playing music together ever since Luciano interrupted the set of Bowman’s previous band for a lighter. The New York duo have since released the infectious, 2015 ‘Over Easy’ EP that introduced consistent sing-a-long lyrics with thrashing drums and strums that never held back.

‘Swear I’m Good At This’ is the first full-length from the band and accumulates their tenacity for crafting life-affirming, relatable tales with a gutsy heart at their core. Luciano has the ability to write lyrics that are both vulnerable and badass, perfecting a storm of emotive reflection that creates a vision of a sweaty, pumped-up room screaming these lines in unison. Diet Cig make it okay to be the hot mess that you are.

But there’s also a deeper, more powerful fuck-you among the bangers that see Diet Cig grow into an unstoppable and inspiring force. “I’m not being dramatic, I’ve just fucking had it with the things that you say you think that I should be” spits Luciano on “Link in Bio”; “I am bigger than the outside shell of my body and if you touch it without asking then you’ll be sorry” she yells on “Maid Of The Mist”. It’s the sound of a band doing things on their own terms.

Wrapping up ‘Swear I’m Good At This’ on Halloween 2016, exactly two years after they finished recording ‘Over Easy’ on Halloween 2014, Diet Cig’s first, full-length LP validates the experiences of punks who aren’t always accepted first time around; the punks who throw their deuces up at the dominating bro-dudes and ignite the importance of owning everything that you are.

7PM Doors - £7.50 - Facebook Event Plus tard, encore une fois, quand la pensée espagnol est venu en contact avec le mysticisme allemand, la Cabale développé sauta dans l'existence en place la Haggadah métaphysique voir Cabala. Enfin, une grande partie de la grande littérature controversée doit son existence le conflit entre le judaïsme et le mahométisme.