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Saturday 25th November

Gallus EP Launch + Velveteen Riot

Come on down to Broadcast to watch Gallus (and friends) finally launch their EP! It’s been a while coming.

Support will be provided by Velveteen Riot with more to be confirmed nearer the date, we can’t wait to reveal who!

Tickets are a very modest THREE POUNDS and can be bought on the door or via THIS link:

Listen to us:

Velveteen Riot:

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Monday 27th November


Kllo are pleased to announce details of their debut LP Backwater, due for release on 20 October via Different Recordings. Today Kllo reveal ‘Virtue’, the album’s slow-building and euphoric first single. “‘Virtue’ is about not knowing what you’ve got till it’s gone, whether that be a part of yourself or somebody else,” the pair say. “It’s the present moment of finally coming to that realisation.”

Kllo – an electronic pop collaboration between Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam – waded in figurative backwater for much of 2016 amid an extensive world tour. These were exciting times; the duo’s Well Worn EP furthered the promise of 2014 EP Cusp, receiving millions of streams and landing Kllo on festival stages as well as Artists-to-Watch lists. Nonetheless, the stretch kept them far from home, isolated and vulnerable, treading through perpetual uncharted territory while yearning for the comforts of the familiar.

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Tuesday 28th November

Jordan MacKampa

Singer/Songwriter Jordan Mackampa is often described as a troubadour, an artist with timeless soul and lyrics drenched in heart felt empathy. As a man who was born in Kinshasa, grew up in London and became an artist in Coventry, Jordan’s music is swimming in the sounds and stories of the cities he’s inhabited over the years.

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Thursday 30th November


“These ideas, of a world in decay, a world subject to constant change, and of the shortness of human life, made many things bearable” – VS Naipaul

Light in Your Mind is the first new material from CYMBALS in two years, and their first album since January 2014. If the wait seems long for the listener, for those involved in its creation the time in between pulls in a lifetime of unexpected experiences. That Light In Your Mind even exists is a testament to not giving in. That it sounds the way it does is both remarkable and, somehow, inevitable.

Since their inception, CYMBALS line up has been subject to a great deal of change. Amidst that change there has always existed the songwriting duo of Jack Cleverly and Dan Simons, who formed the band in 2011 with the sole intention of “having fun”. A noble aspiration, but one that became increasingly hard to realize when the realities of a 9-5 existence started to corrosively rub against the expectations of being in a band that wanted to tour the world.

“We kind of stopped everything in its tracks around two years ago,” says Jack. “2014 was a really intense year. One-by-one the other guys in the band couldn’t face it anymore, so we widened the family, met new people and worked with them, until they had to move on and then we worked with others. It was hard on a personal level, but as a band, it also felt like a kind of chrysalis.”

At various points over the last six years and across three albums, an EP and single, a rotating cast of at least ten other people have formed some version of CYMBALS. More still have contributed to Light In Your Mind – Justin Goings and Josh Hefferman both provide drums, while Alabaster DePlume plays saxophone on ‘Fully Automated Luxury’. Producer Kristian Robinson (Capitol K) is a major presence across the album and played a key role in guiding the transition from the band’s sound on their previous record to this one (indeed, this was the first time the band spent any significant time in a studio). Jorge Elbrecht, whose work with Ariel Pink and Tamaryn had inspired the band, mixed the record in Miami, adding those elusive final touches that make a good sounding record great. Consequently, the music itself possesses a sedimentary quality, a residue of each contributing member compressed into what it is that band have become. Consistent throughout has been the relationship between Cleverly and Simons. In fact, so consistent is this relationship that despite the involvement of others it wasn’t until everything else was stripped away that the two finally began to be what they first tried to be.

“When the band cut down to just me and Dan, and we stopped trying to find more people, I remember that it was scary at the time, and we didn’t know if we would keep going. We agreed to a few rehearsals together and see where it went. We had a great surprise: it felt great, the writing was easy. It was if together we gave up trying to be anything other than what we are. We cut any bullshit between the two of us and talked honestly about the last few years. We found that when we started writing together, we were going faster towards the feeling that had given rise to CYMBALS in the first place.“

The ‘bullshit’ that Cleverly refers to was hardly trivial. Failing relationships, betrayal, addiction, illness: the emotional challenges were huge. Thankfully, they were not insurmountable, and as with so much creative practice, it was through the music itself that a wider understanding of the world was found.
“The song Decay, and to an extent the album as a whole, is about getting comfortable with decay, accepting decay”, says Jack. “Around the time we were writing that song I went to the Ruin Lust exhibition, and saw the beauty of things breaking down. I was thinking about that in terms of my own life, as a lot of things that I thought my life was based on seemed to be crumbling, but at the same time there was a whole load of beauty, and openings up of myself, of things that I never thought were there. I felt that I could breathe in a way, but at the same time it was kind of full of destruction and chaos, or at least I was creating that around me.”

Second track ‘Car Crash’ addresses that period head-on, a typically effervescent synth line from Simons disguising lyrical content that traverses that fine line between blind arrogance and tortured self-loathing (“I’m a car crash/I’m a river”). Like all the best CYMBALS songs, it deals in unexpected contrasts. Much the same can be said of the structure of the album as a whole, eclectically comprised of melodically memorable pop songs (‘Car Crash’, ‘Talk To Me’), bucolic instrumentals (‘My Body’, ‘Numbers’) and longer, pensive songs that explore the space in between (‘ASMR’, ‘I Thought I Knew You’). Cleverly recognizes that best when commenting on the name of the album:

“The title Light In Your Mind comes from the song ‘Where Nothing Can Be Defined’. The idea of not being able to name what’s happening is kind of a cop out, but it’s about grasping at something within when that thing within is not a clear light or dark. “ Cleverly elaborates, “In this title I see the image of a guy escaping an imaginary world. But the Light In Your Mind is that there is nothing to escape. In the constant decline, there is always renewal.”

As final track ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ concludes, a synth loop first heard on the opening track is subtly re-introduced, completing a circle of sorts. Like decay, the album never really ends. And like CYMBALS, at the end it’s born anew again.

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Saturday 2nd December


The MJR Group Presents…

Stillia + Special Guests
Doors 7.00pm

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Sunday 3rd December


Described as a “one-woman powerhouse’” by Radio 1’s Annie Mac, FEMME is the real deal when it comes to unadulterated artistry. As composer, producer, director and choreographer, FEMME has eschewed major label interest in order to maintain her musical vision without interference.

This uncompromising approach hasn’t stopped her mixing with the great and the good: FEMME has toured the USA with Charli XCX, featured on tracks by Huxley, been remixed by NZCA Lines and partnered with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich for their critically acclaimed Ultraísta collaboration and album.

“Femme is my kind of pop star – her tunes are sparkling, sexy and dancefloor-ready”
Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music

“She’s basically rocket-boosting toward the stars”

“A one woman powerhouse”
Annie Mac

“Fashion’s favourite new pop star”

With support from Elle Exxe
Sunday 3 December
Broadcast, Glasgow
18+ | £7

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Saturday 9th December

HUNKYBUG + Floss + Two Tone Television + Indian Tonic

RCMS Promotions Glasgow presents..

HUNKYBUG {debut headline show}
Floss + Two Tone Television + Indian Tonic
Saturday 9th December
Live at Broadcast
16 + / 7pm / £6

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DE Locals

Monday 11th December

Double Experience

PCL Presents:
Double Experience
Monday December 11th
Broadcast Glasgow

With Special Guests:

The Belafonte
Monkey Puzzle

Double Experience from Ottawa, Ontario play on the hardest difficulty settings the music industry has to offer. In just a few years, Double Experience have logged 500 performances across 16 countries (from the BBC Introducing Stage to national press on Global/CTV in Canada) with no additional power-ups provided by agencies or labels. Their recent album, “Unsaved Progress”, was released in the spring of 2016 which earned the band thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify. The album reached #6 on the National Loud Chart and spawned the viral anthem for the video game Destiny (“The Glimmer Shot”). Bungie (the creators of Destiny) personally awarded the band accolades and in-game rewards for the song and video. Double Experience have shared their DIY via music industry conventions (IndieWeek) and pop culture conventions (Ottawa ComicCon, Montreal ComicCon).

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Friday 15th December

Medicine Men + Moonlight Zoo + Beta Waves

Our final Glasgow show of the year will take place at Broadcast on Friday 15th of December. It’s been an amazing year for us with the album coming out and some pinch yourself festival moments, and as we’ll be releasing a new single that day we thought we’d make a night of it.

Support comes from good friends Moonlight Zoo who should need no introduction and new friends Beta Waves from Dundee. If that wasn’t enough to get you down early, we can tell you that there will be a limited edition giveaway for the first few people in the door. This will be a collectors item numbering less than 100. More details to follow. Thanks to Colin McArthur for the poster, a winter take on our album cover which we love nearly as much as the original. Tickets here:

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Wednesday 7th February

13 Crowes

13 Crowes

Cold Years


Although punk rock, folk punk and rock n roll are often used in relation to 13 Crowes the band themselves refuse to be pigeon holed into genres. Swearing only by the mantra of “4 chords and the truth”.

Hailing from Southwest Scotland, 13 Crowes are a band that wear their heart and influences on their sleeve. They are a band of experience and there is no denying who influences 13 Crowes and neither do they, instead they pay homage to those who have brought them together and impacted their lives so greatly. Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Brian Fallon & poet Robert Burns to name a few. The storytellers who sing for the working class! Not trying to reinvent the wheel, the 13 Crowes are just trying to carry the torch and keep it burning.

The debut album “YOUNG POETS” from 13 Crowes gives you an unfiltered insight into the life of singer Cammy Black through his honest and heartfelt lyrics. The stories of youth, heartache, love, loss and memories of years gone by are told with unquestionable passion and honesty. You cannot help but get caught up in the lyrics, be many of which are so relatable to us all. Accompanied by music that can get your blood pumping, get you to punch the air then bring you to your knees at the same time, Young Poets takes you back to your youth, the heartache and the memories but also allows you to look forward, all in an electric 36mins.









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Sunday 11th February

Peach Pit

Peach Pit was brought to life in 2016 with the release of their now coveted debut EP, “Sweet F.A” (F.A. meaning “fuck all”, after lead singer Neil Smith’s love for the lazy life). Originating in Vancouver, Canada, the group formed when high school pals, Smith and Chris Vanderkooy, decided to collaborate on a musical project. Peter Wilton and Mikey Pascuzzi joined them on bass and drums creating their “chewed bubblegum pop” sound.

The group melds teenage angst with bummer summer vibes that have them sounding somewhere between Mac Demarco and Homeshake. With their laid back sound and lush lead vocals, their songs tell stories of backstabbing best friends and dying end of summer romances.

The group quickly developed a dedicated local fan base through their energetic live shows. In February 2017, a YouTube channel sent their self-titled track, “Peach Pit” viral after discovering it on their Bandcamp. The group quickly started to amass an international following and booking requests to play worldwide.

Peach Pit’s quirky online posts and campy Ned Flanders-esque uniforms have ignited a highly engaged fanbase. They’re now gearing up to release their debut LP, “Being So Normal”, on legendary indie record label Kingfisher Bluez in September 2017, after which they’ll hit the road, touring the U.S. and Canada including a Bumbershoot festival date, with a European tour in early 2018.

Peach Pit has quickly become the next big indie act to watch out for in the Pacific Northwest.

“Peach Pit display a knack for distilling ennui, angst, and disappointment into wistful, melodic indie pop” ~The Georgia Straight

“A delectably smooth brand of indie pop complete with hushed vocals and Steely Dan-indebted guitar runs.” ~Exclaim!

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dm final

Tuesday 13th February

Drab Majesty + Dune Messiah | Broadcast, Glasgow


Drab Majesty is an inter-dimensional platform aimed at channeling aural and visual messages founded by a human being from Los Angeles in 2013. The human communes directly with it’s spiritual muse/assumed alter-ego Deb Demure to demonstrate the power in relinquishing ownership to a divine design, thereby handing inspiration over to the spirit world – essentially serving as a contractor in business with the Collective Consciousness.

Relying on those principles, Drab Majesty, from its inception, set out to achieve no specific style, yet over the span of a European tour, several US tours, an LP entitled “Careless” (released and reissued 3 times on DAIS Records), 2 cassette EP’s, and a 7-inch on (Weyrd Son/Brussels), Deb has honed in on a pointed aesthetic.

While inherently guitar-driven music in the vain of The Chameleons or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Drab Majesty’s sound is often nuanced by ethereal washes of icy keyboards and arpeggiated synthesizers, backed by heavy mechanized percussion and forked pulsing synth bass, all adorned with reverb-laden vocals reminiscent of a hallowed cathedral.

In the past two years Deb has been invited to support bands such as Psychic TV, Clan of Xymox, The Frozen Autumn, Prayers, and label mates Youth Code and King Dude to name a few. Part alien, part mime, part priestess — yet all summed up in the feeble form of a human looking body, Deb Demure aims to serve as a musical and visual medium marrying the void and the form.

+ support from

DUNE MESSIAH (Denmark – Third Coming Records)

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Saturday 17th February

The Baltic States

The Baltic States is a three piece indie/electronic band based in the UK. It blends techno/folk and haunting electronica with hypnotic, soaring vocal melodies. In autumn 2014, the band released their debut E.P. ‘Boxes’ which was extremely well-received by both radio and social media platforms. Singles ‘Kontrol’ and ‘Boxes’ were named as track of the week by a number of radio stations and by ‘Best of British Unsigned’, and received wide airplay across the UK which included being featured on BBC Radio 6, BBC London, BBC Merseyside and Amazing Radio. All four tracks from the E.P. were included in the top ten of ‘Fresh on The Net’ by BBC 6 Music DJ Tom Robinson. In 2017 they released their second E.P. ‘Brother’ in Memory of Jack Morrisson. Single Kontrol was used as a soundtrack in two US series ‘Girlfriends Guide to Divorce’ and ‘UnReal TV’. The band is currently performing live across the UK and Europe and has already played venues such as the 02 Academy, Sound City Festival, London’s 100 Club, Berlin’s Monarch, Threshold Festival, Lindisfarne Festival, Q Fest and more.

7PM Doors

unnamed (1)

Tuesday 6th March

The BellRays

Punk. Funk. Rock. Soul. The main ingredients in a potent witch’s brew that The BellRays have been mixing for a long time now. Returning with their first full new album since the release of ‘Black Lightning’ in 2010, ‘Punk Funk Rock Soul Volume 2’ follows the release of ‘Volume One’, the four-track taster EP released in 2017 as an appetiser for the main feast. ‘Volume Two’ arrives February 2nd via Cargo Record UK.

If music is food for the soul, then The BellRays are thanksgiving and they know how to cook. The BellRays strip down to the meat of what music means to them. Growing up in SoCal, they thrived on radio channels that broadcast more than one kind of music. It was a party. ‘Punk Funk Rock Soul’ is their party with their songs and friends.

“We take our ear where our heart lives in simple song writing, making ourselves and hopefully all who hear it feel good,” explains singer Lisa Kekaula. “We are proud of its simplicity and love how the new songs sound like old friends. This release is a collection of songs that illustrates why we do what we do. We are not 20 year olds and that’s okay. We are proud of our mileage and journey and PUNK FUNK ROCK SOUL validates our comfort in what music means to us. Viability, trend and meaning are up to the eye of the beholder…we like to rock.”

With each song, The BellRays play with the formula. The dynamics shift and change from straight ahead rockers like “Bad Reaction” “Junior High” and “Never Let a Woman” to more rock/pop songs like “I Can’t Hide” and “Brand New Day”. “Man Enough” features tornado drumming and Caravanesque guitar solos. How do you make the dark sound light? Listen to “Perfect”, which is heavy while singing about finding that rhythm together. “Now” spreads out with a simple melody and message of being in the moment. “Every Chance I Get” gets to the blues with its plaintive resolution to use time as wisely as possible. “Love and Hard Times” closes the album with an easy, R&B tinged lyric reminiscent of Levon Helm and The Band. Throughout PUNK FUNK ROCK SOUL, The BellRays slide from song to song, changing the dynamics but not the dynamism. In the studio or on stage, the BellRays equals energy. E=BR(P+F+R+S).

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Wednesday 14th March

Eyre Llew (Free Entry)

Eyre Llew are an ambient-rock trio from Nottingham, UK often compared to bands such as Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Explosions in the Sky and A Winged Victory For The Sullen. Having formed in August 2014, they have since released nine singles and a self-recorded 12 track debut album entitled ‘Atelo’ in locations all over the country. With an expectant growing fanbase they release ‘Atelo’ on Thursday 19th October 2017.

Eyre Llew have been featured on BBC Introducing, Kerrang! Radio and had a number of film and TV syncs including Jonny Owen’s ‘Don’t Take Me Home’ documentary. Previously championed by The 405, Fred Perry Subculture and BBC Introducing as well as being labelled by Drowned in Sound as 2017’s “ones to watch“. They have performed various tours around the UK, Europe and South Korea since their sold out début show in May 2015 with Pinkshinyultrablast in their hometown. By 2017 will have made festival appearances at Y Not, Outlines, 2Q, Handmade, The Great Escape, Dot to Dot, Focus Wales, Seazone Music & Conference (Poland), Zandari Festa (South Korea), Freilich Open Arts (Austria), Perth Music Expo, Ritual Union, 110 Above, Splendour, Outstanding, Farmfest, A Carefully Planned, Hockley Hustle, Karma Fest and Rockaway Beach with more to be announced.

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