Venue Cafe Bar - 427 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow - G2 3LG


Wednesday 22nd February

Belter for a Shelter 2.0

Belter for a Shelter is back (!!) with a night full of talented local artists that will make you nod, shake, groove and move to your hearts content, with all proceeds going to the vital service of the Glasgow Winter Night shelter.

Glasgow City Mission is a charity that provides accommodation for the homeless people of Glasgow over the months of December- end of March every year, and with more donations in 2015 it stayed open for longer. This is a vital service that helps vulnerable people feel safe by supplying them with a warm place to sleep surrounded by helpful and supporting volunteers. Current figures have shown that Glasgow has one of the biggest homelessness percentages in the UK, in order to help tackle this we need to take action and unite to donate in what way we can. Therefore, all proceeds will go towards this service in order for it to carry on every year, in the hopes of a permanent shelter in the future.

As well as this, on the night of this event we will be accepting donations of any warm clothing, sleeping bags or any other supplies that can be donated. We will also be hosting a raffle for the chance to win tickets to various up and coming club nights around Glasgow!

Join us for a drink and a dance with a line-up that is sure to tickle everyone’s fancy–


The Ediots

Pleasure Bent


Kubwa (Strawberry Jam Sound System) & Clippa (Keep it Rolling)

& Visuals by ZeL ViZ

See you on the dance floor you beautiful people!

£5 minimum donation

11PM Doors - £5 donation - Facebook Event


Thursday 23rd February

UPSTAIRS – After Dark: A Late Night Soundtrack

We will be inviting some of our favourite local DJs to take over the music policy in our bar every Thursday night to provide you with an eclectic late night soundtrack that they wouldn’t normally be able to play in one of their usual club sets!

Expect the obscure, Expect the great & Expect those tunes that you didn’t know you knew!

Drinks starting from £2
Free Entry all night long

10PM Doors - Free Entry


Thursday 23rd February

DOWNSTAIRS: Shenanigans

Come get silly with resident Category D, Nott Ross & Spook playing all sorts of party vibes to get you movin’


Free Entry

11PM Doors - Free Entry


Friday 24th February

Taijitu 005 – Taijitu x Semi Peppered

Goldy Biscuit
Semi Peppered DJs (EJ Woodall//Donnagan//Marko)
Prop J

For the first time, Taijitu will be bringing some talent in from elsewhere in the U.K! Semi Peppered are making the mission from Bristol and Prop J is mooching on up from Newcastle.

Get yourself down to Broadcast on Friday 24th, to move your feet and pump your fists! It’s free entry, all you students won’t have any work yet, you have no excuse. Bring your mates, your parents and your Nana’s dog along – I hear it loves the boogie.

Welcome to the Dojo,

11PM Doors - Free Entry - Facebook Event


Saturday 25th February

Renegades of Funk

​After a brief hiatus of running monthly parties since Jan 2015 it is with great pleasure to announce that Renegades of Funk will return to the beloved Broadcast basement venue for an eclectic mix of Funk & Techno.

Deejays Nowicki & Alshy on rotation from open till close.
Free entry all night!!!!
We advise getting down early to soak up the vibes and eat some oranges.

Big shout out to Tessa Mackenzie for the artwork!

Hope to see yez there!

11PM Doors - Free Entry - Facebook Event


Thursday 2nd March

UPSTAIRS – After Dark: A Late Night Soundtrack

We will be inviting some of our favourite local DJs to take over the music policy in our bar every Thursday night to provide you with an eclectic late night soundtrack that they wouldn’t normally be able to play in one of their usual club sets!

Expect the obscure, Expect the great & Expect those tunes that you didn’t know you knew!

Drinks starting from £2
Free Entry all night long

10PM Doors - Free Entry

02-03 Control Social TO PRINT

Thursday 2nd March

DOWNSTAIRS – Control Social Club: Autumns, Kaspar Hauser & Dead Beet Records (DJ Set)

Control Social Club presents:

A late night showcase of two of the finest bands both sides of the Irish sea has to offer in Post-punk + Drowned Industrial noises.

Thursday 2nd March @ Broadcast, Glasgow.

Autumns is the musical identity and solo project of Christian Donaghey, from Derry, Northern Ireland, an outlet for transgressive noise, post-punk nihilism and dysfunctional techno. The project has experienced an auspicious ascent in the last couple of years, appearing on a number of cult labels and developing a notorious live reputation. Utilizing a vintage drum machine, a sequencer, a contact mic, performing dubbed vocals and using drones, Donaghey’s high energy, electronic post-punk is a spectacle of unremitting ferocity. (Downwards Records | Clan Destine Records)

Kaspar Hauser

+++ Dead Beet Records (DJs)

Free Entry // Doors 11pm

11PM Doors - Free Entry - Facebook Event

cold sweaty

Friday 3rd March

Cold Sweat: Set Me Free! w/ Slouch & DJ Rhino (Silver Dollar Club)

Chester absolutely slayed it last month, and the vibe in Broadcast is better month after month thanks to you sexy dancers. This month we have close friends Slouch and DJ Rhino of the Silver Dollar Club collective, a group of really cool, creative dudes who currently hold down a monthly Thursday residency in La Cheetah, with an upcoming one-off in the Berkeley Suite with hot dog TRP.

We have two of these boys coming to join us in Broadcast with their wonky techno, freaky disco and acid squelchers for what’s just gonna be a good old fkn knees up!

I could write an essay about what these guys are about but just check them out yourself > Silver Dollar Club

Usual shit; free entry and good tunes, but possibly an upgrade to some mediocre patter if these guys are down. Start off yer month with a healthy dose of sweat and sore feet, see you doon there!

SDC on 3/03, entry: free, COME DANCE WID ME.

11PM Doors - Free Entry - Facebook Event


Thursday 9th March

Tribal High presents: Rascalton & Bronston

If you can’t be arsed with going to gigs that start at 7, ends at 9, gets you in your bed by 11 (half sober) and leaves you wondering ‘where the fuck is all the live music?’ Then have a swatch at this.

Tribal High Launch the third late night Show at Broadcast on the 9th of March presenting two of Scotland’s best up and coming bands, Bronston and Rascalton. Live music till 3am at only a fiver a ticket.
Check out the bands @

11PM Doors - Facebook Event

hometown promo

Friday 10th March

Hometown Promotion Soundsystem

Details TBC

11PM Doors - Free Entry


Saturday 11th March

Hullabaloo 023

Hullabaloo returns to Broadcast on the 11th of March for what will be our 23rd party in two and a bit years. Straight up B-A-N-G-E-R-S with residents Dom & Butsay in control of the night’s musical landscape.

Free entry

P.s. Donald Trump is a pure fanny

11PM Doors - Free Entry - Facebook Event


Friday 17th March

The Church of Good Times

Details TBC

11PM Doors - Free Entry


Saturday 18th March

Nite Tripper

Details TBC

11PM Doors - Free Entry


Thursday 23rd March

ONRA (live)

Globetrotting producer Onra has staked his claim as one of the most exciting beat-makers of the past few years, thanks to releases like the 80’s Funk beat album Long Distance, various Boogie edits and his Chinoiseries collections (made with Chinese music samples found while traveling Asia).

His talent for delivering emotive, soulful hip-hop that really hits the spot is demonstrated through his multitude of releases since 2006. Hailing from Paris, Arnaud has produced six albums and even more EPs. Through his various releases, Onra evidently takes influences from a hugely eclectic range of sounds, from Jazz through to Funk and RnB; carefully and respectfully using these styles to craft a unique and refreshing take on traditional Hip-Hop.

10PM Doors - £10 - Facebook Event


Saturday 25th March

All U Need 2nd Birthday

“Aye he’s 24 months auld hen”

All U Need is gonny be 2 and we’re giving it full pelt.

We’re going to be taking some of our biggest events to date and ramming them together into the Broadcast basement for one night of pure debauchery.

Expect everything from trance to Phil Collins, badboi to Slam.

Mon’ join us and get right in about it! Bring yer da as well and we’ll take him up on stage and set aboot um



11PM Doors - Free Entry - Facebook Event


Sunday 2nd April

Jessy Lanza

Jessy Lanza is a producer and singer who comes from Hamilton Ontario, butstudied music at Concordia in Montreal. Her debut album which she recorded with partner Jeremy Greenspan from Junior Boys &’Pull My Hair Back’; , came out in 2013 to almost universal praise, she was featured in Guardian, Times, Dazed and Confused, Wonderland, Pitchfork, Fader and more, and performed on KCRW, in Europe and Channel 4 in the UK.

She has toured with Cut Copy and toured the world with Caribou, as well as contributing a song to his 2015 album. In 2015 she also recorded singles with DJ Spinn and Morgan Geist as well as being short listed for the Polaris prize 2014 and performed on Canadian TV. The first single from her album ‘Oh No’ ; ‘It Means I Love You’,; was released in January 2016 to an excited audience and was immediately picked up for ‘Best New Music’; at Pitchfork, and was featured on ‘New Music Friday’; with Apple. Spotify and Tidal.

Her second album is due out in May 2016 and she tours the world with Junior Boys in February and March, touring solo for the remainder of the year from May

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