Artist of the Week: The Vegan Leather

This week’s artist of the week is none other than Paisley-based act The Vegan Leather. The VL, who established themselves on the Scottish music scene a few years back and have been everpresent at the forefront of the Glasgow scene since have just released their first single since they released their debut album ‘Poor Girls / Broken Boys’ into the world last year.

The Paisley art-pop quartet have made a welcome return over the past couple of weeks not only with new single “Gloaming” but also with its incredible accompanying visuals! We caught up with bassist Matt to see what they’ve been up to:

So, what have you been up to since we last heard from you?

“We literally just went straight back to recording and writing. The majority of the music created for the album was formed about a year prior before the release of the album, so we had more or less a good 6 months without writing anything new. So, we had tons of pent up ideas and energy that we had to get down.”

What made you return with “Gloaming” any particular meanings behind this track?

“We returned with Gloaming I think because of how different it sounded to the stuff on the album. The way its mixed, the timbre of the instruments and also our whole ethic in creating the song was different. We weren’t being too precious like we have been in the past, it was a case of just throwing everything at the track and seeing what sticks, and if something sounded bad out it went. In terms of the meaning of the song we started with the music first and it sounded mysterious and dark which is vibes we haven’t really played around with before. When it came to the lyrics the vibe of the song reminded Marie of the atmosphere set in the moors of Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. A big part of the book is set in wild and untamed landscapes and that inspired the meaning behind the song. It became a monologue of enticing someone into the wilderness with you.”

How was the creative process with “Gloaming” was it much different to producing the album? Nothing has really changed in our process in writing in terms of the formation of the track. We still work the same way post Covid-19, as we always were a band that more or less functioned on cloud-based sharing of ideas and using good ol dropbox. One thing that did changed that I mentioned before is we did say to ourselves to be more fearless in our writing and not be too precious with our ideas.”

How did you maintain motivation with the band over lockdown – any recommendations of things that helped get you through?
We were constantly writing over lockdown. Weighing up mixes, coming up with new ideas. We were quite lucky in that we managed to get into a studio the day before the first lockdown came into play and get a good bit of content to mull over during lockdown. In terms of new inspirations, I got really into Always Sunny in Philadelphia which I don’t know if it has directly influenced our music but has always made me think if things are going bad for me at least my life is not as shit as the characters’ in that show. Also discovered I really like toast with peanut butter with maple syrup during lockdown which personally helped me a lot during the Covid madness with keeping me sane. Lots of fibre, lots of sugar!! Very nice! Good for the belly good for the soul.”

Check out their new single “Gloaming” now, we can’t wait to hear more!