Artist of the Week: Stock Manager

Our next Artist of the Week is grunge trio Stock Manager, hailing from Falkirk (now based in Glasgow) who released their EP “Fatalism” at the end of last month and we can’t get enough! 

With every release the three-piece, consisting of Chris, Jack and Melissa, cement a confident and unwavering sense of identity, proving to be both visually and audibly meticulous each time. Their latest release is no different, as expected, an instrumentally menacing assault to the senses. Producing a guitar-led barrage of intense shoegaze tones backed by an understated vocal, with the relentless nature of all four tracks keeping things pushing forward. 

Often bookmarked for their 90’s grunge-rock stylings, bassist Jack would say they’d be more for fans of: “Sorry, Pixies and Bones.” There is something non-conventional about this band, from hosting D.I.Y shows from living rooms to their often intriguing home-made VHS style videos, the trio never cease to keep their listeners interested. 

Chris from the band says he’s: “keen for gigs to start back to see what everyone’s been working on this year. We’re gonna see some really good content from people.” Citing the likes of Chlobocop, TEOSE and Sulka as local artists they’d recommend – particularly for new lockdown listening and we can look forward to “A new single and music video in December and a longer EP around January.” Exciting stuff!