Whippet Thin Support from Megan Black & Fuzzy

Whippet Thin – Live @ Broadcast Tuesday 25th Feb / Doors 7pm.
Support from the fantastic Megan Black Band & Fuzzy

Whippet Thin – Glasgow based playing original songs composed by singer Jack Hand and developed by the band. Hand, a passionate folk voice with fingerpicking guitar is complemented by McGhee’s lead guitar coming straight out of a 90’s shoegaze dream. The rhythm section comprises of Houston on drums with a swinging jazz edge and Gillies on bass. The music sways between tight clean upbeat pop love stories and old tales with a darker garage feel.

Megan Black – Scottish musician and vocalist Megan Black is a young aspiring artist bringing her new innovative takes on blues, pop and rock music to the forefront of the up and coming Scottish music scene. Gathering an array of inspiring sounds from Kate Bush to Stevie Nicks, Megan is conjuring a sound for timeless music that keeps the sounds of generations to come ever connected to what galvanized them. Performing at defining venues such as King Tut’s, La Belle Angele and The Hug and Pint, Megan has made a considerable impression at venues across the country. After releasing her debut single ‘Fur Coat Queen’ in April 2019 Megan has caught the attention of many in the music scene within Scotland. Her song brought her into the top 10 for the new BBC Singer-Songwriter Award. Megan has recently just released her second single ‘Wooden Woman’ which will no doubt bring her even more success.