The Yawpers + Hicks

“The Yawpers bring an expansive vision of rock’n’roll, one that cherrypicks from various folk traditions: punk, rockabilly, blues, whatever they might have on hand or find in the trash.” That’s what Pitchfork tells us about The Yawpers.

The Yawpers craft tunes that are engrossed in creative context. Some might recall edges of the mid-1900s Delta blues, but only if those lived-in riffs were played by the MC5, broadcast through booming stadium speakers and drenched with pounds of fuzzy distortion and full-throttled punk rock energy. They conduct parallel frequencies with the ferocious and raw proletarian roots of Uncle Tupelo, the burning-hot thrashings and cavernous sonic space of Hot Snakes, and mix in derisive scrutiny that brings to mind Ween or the Minutemen (and might we add that Cook is the spitting image of D. Boon).

With a first European tour fresh in our memory we can now announce an upcoming tour for May and June 2019. Previously announced Orange Blossom Special is now in good company with shows in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Swiss and Belgium. With a new prospected record in March