Dirt Box Disco + Reaction

“Hooray Hooray, it’s DIRT BOX Day!”comes the chant from DIRT BOX DISCO fans every August at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. It’s also been heard at more than 300 gigs up and down the country. With a new label and new management behind the release – DIRT BOX DISCO are now officially a ‘big-noise’ with their earworm-like punk rock punchlines. HOORAY! HOORAY! features
the band’s twelve favourite tracks, freshly polished by Grandmaster Howie Weinberg (worked with the Beastie Boys, Rammstein, Arctic Monkeys, Metallica, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mars Volta, U2 and more). The single “My Life is Shit” is the throbbing anthem of the five costumed punk rockers. A song written from the gut that along with the other tracks on Hooray! Hooray! has built a loyal and passionate fan base. “My Life is Shit” (single online release: 14.09.2018 including bonus track and an interactive tribute to their fans-video) is just one of many catchy tunes. DIRT BOX DISCO fans sing this song by heart loudly and compete with WEAB, the rabble-rousing front man. Nothing is serious in the Dirt Box world, the band cock a snook at spotty teenage obsessives, naturally keeping their young adults energy.

The band plays about 40 gigs a year in sold-out clubs and halls all over the UK. Year by year they are amongst the heroes for the thousands of spectators on Rebellion festival in Blackpool. The band is a five-pronged phenomenon. Behind the crazily costumed combo stand two brothers who do everything: writing, composing songs, recording demos, recording CDs, distributing CDs, and making videos. PR can never do them justice – seeing is not believing. It’s 2010 – a punk-party mood and a single rehearsal preps their first appearance in a pub. (Spunk Volcano and Brother Number 1: “After that show a member of the audience asked us if we wanted to perform at his party. I thought he wanted to fool me.”). DIRT BOX DISCO have since released six CDs (the last one in April this year), an EP and a Christmas single, which have together sold more than 15,000 copies. In other words, a freight trainload full of punk rock hits, full of mad rhythm guitar riffs, kicking drums and unique vocals. Perfect, compact punk songs that are the antidote to everyday, pre-Brexit drudgery. Strangely (!), just one of their 6 CDs has found it’s way into official stores. DIRT BOX DISCO prefer to connect via social media posts and concert sales. “Why should we be interested in distribution of CDs? We just wanted to play. On stage and in our little studio”, says Maff Fazzo (Brother Number 2). The energy level of the two brothers is galactic, they have another five (!!!) CDs waiting to be recorded.

DIRT BOX DISCO have now played all the O2 clubs in the UK as well as several sold-out gigs at the legendary 100 Club in London. and nothing will change: although their fame is rising minute by minute the two brothers will just continue rehearsing and creating new songs in a little garage in their home town Swadlincote.