Primo! Late Show + Order of the Toad – Free Entry

PCL Presents
PRIMO! – FREE LATE SHOW + Order of the Toad
Saturday, 25 August
Broadcast, Glasgow
18+ ONLY
PRIMO are Xanthe Waite, Violetta DelConte Race and Suzanne Walker. As a trio from Melbourne writing up-tempo, terse chorus and verse, Primo make use of two guitars, drums, sound effects and a group vocal sensibility to ornament their enquiries into deconstructed punk and indie rock. Their songs chime and charm, sounding at times bountiful, at others brittle, always buoyant with attention to detail.

‘Amici’ is Primo’s debut album, following on from their split 7″ last year and a cassette of early work entitled ‘Primo Cassetto’ from 2016 on Hidiotic. ‘Amici’ was recorded and mixed by friend Al Montfort through 2017. The collected songs reference the 40-hour working week, the city, bureaucracy, walking, a mirage and a ghost. In form the songs are short and purposeful, “leaving footsteps in the snow” much like the protagonist of their wistful invocation to ‘Daphne’.

Primo take you from A-to-B with their songs, from the appetite of another place to the bird’s eye view. ‘Family Dinner Club’ deals with anonymity and suburbia, whilst ‘Ticking Off A List’ admits “there’s a fogginess to some beauty, you look outside, I can’t know what you see” before urging us to take to the footpath. ‘You’ve Got A Million’ races all over town, whilst ‘Closed Tomorrow’ talks of a “a car going by, one day out of life, going home or to another man-made space”. These songs are alive and inquisitive, chasing down questions for answers long sped-away, amidst minimalist shuffle beats and ringing-out chords. ‘Amici’ is a triumph of the underplayed, its small details pull focus, allowing the album to treat us to unexpected truths in plain sight.