Rob Ford Explorer // Frantic // Greater The Divide // Canal Capitale

Rob Ford Explorer is an instrumental math rock duo based out of Reno, Nevada. The group consists of a guitar, Cameron, and drum set, Greg. The duo’s live performances are consistently exciting and energetic, as the two incorporate improvisation into every song, making each set completely unique and unpredictable. Despite the uncertain nature of their shows, the duo is always tight and seemingly one cohesive musical unit.

Frantic are an incredibly energetic and eccentric trio based in Glasgow. Filled with technical play and mesmerising vocals, Frantic are one of our favourite and after a listen yours too.

They’re back to make you sing and dance, Canal Capitale never disappoint live and boy will you love their jams.

Rob Ford Explorer – Rob Ford Explorer

Frantic – Pangoloids

Canal Capitale – Perfect, Cheers, Magic, Thanks