Venue Cafe Bar - 427 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow - G2 3LG

Just Announced

PAUW // Tuesday 1st November

ROOSEVELT // Friday 25th November

 // Friday 2nd December

MIRANDA LEE RICHARDS  // Tuesday 20th September

CARNIVAL YOUTH // Monday 17th October

PSYCHIC ILLS // Wednesday 30th November

Upcoming Events:


Sunday 25th September


An all day celebration of music from another realm…

15:30 – 16:00 Electric Gardens
16:30 – 17:00 LA Hell Gang
17:30 – 18:00 Tau
18:30 – 19:00 Gnoomes
19:30 – 20:00 New Candys
20:30 – 21:00 Lorelle Meets the Obsolete
21:30 – 22:00 Methyl Ethel
22:30 – 23:30 Cavern of Anti-Matter

Upstairs bar: Screenings of Altered States, Valerie and her Week of Wonders and Fantastic Planet.

3PM Doors - £12 + BF


Monday 26th September


Outsider, Ouija psych pop super group, The Moonlandingz. The part-fictional studio project featuring members of the Fat White Family and Sheffield audio electronic taxidermists, the Eccentronic Research Council, bring their “Ultimate Realism Tour” to the UK this Summer.


Fat White Family frontman, Lias Saoudi relishes the thought of hitting the road with The Moonlandingz and becoming his alter Ego , Johnny Rocket, but what can we expect from the live shows? “A brief look at the world as it actually is. This is the ‘Ultimate Realism Tour’. These shows will take the futile embarrassment that is contemporary British life and embrace it relentlessly, passionately, pathetically!!” says Saoudi.


Lock up your fictional Daughters, The Moonlandingz are coming

7PM Doors - £10 + BF - Facebook Event

colleen green cassie ramone

Tuesday 27th September


+ The Pooches
+ Youngstrr Joey


This latest collection of songs follows a newly 30-year-old Green as she carefully navigates a minefield of emotion. Her firm belief in true love is challenged by the inner turmoil caused by entering modern adulthood, but that doesn’t mean that her faith is defeated. With a nod to her heroes, sentimental SoCal punks The Descendents, Green too wonders what it will be like when she gets old. Throughout songs such as “Some People,” “Deeper Than Love,” and the illustrative title track, the listener has no choice but to feel the sympathetic growing pains of revelatory maturation and the anxieties that come along with it.
Sonically the album is a major change for the LA-based songwriter, who has come to be known for her homemade recordings and merchandise. Her past offerings have been purely Green; testaments to her self-sufficiency and, perhaps, trepidation. This time, she’s got a little help from her friends: the full band heard here includes JEFF the Brotherhood’s Jake Orrall and Diarrhea Planet’s Casey Weissbuch, who collaborated with Green over ten days at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN.

I Want to Grow Up is an experience, not unlike life: questioning, learning, taking risks. And in true CG fashion, a quote from a beloved 90s film seems the perfect summation: ”Understanding is reached only after confrontation.”

“TV” Official Video –

7PM Doors - £7 + BF - Facebook Event


Wednesday 28th September

Amy Malcolm / Deni Smith / Megan D

Amy Malcolm
Amy Malcolm is a singer songwriter from Glasgow who at the age of 21 has released two EPs.

In the past three years, Amy has… gigged throughout Britain touring both of her EP’s as well as travelling over the Atlantic to New York to perform. Amy has worked with and supported acts including Greg Kane of Hue and Cry, Sandi Thom, Eaves, Eliot Sumner and Chris T-T.

Amy is currently working towards her new EP and tour project. Her live show is certainly not to be missed.

Megan D
Megan D is an Edinburgh based singer/songwriter. Armed with her acoustic guitar Megan manages to craft a narrative in her songwriting that flits between documenting her astounding worldliness and yet still exposes her youthfulness.

Deni Smith
Deni Smith is an acoustic singer/songwriter from Dunfermline in Scotland. Her influences in terms of music an stage presence are KT Tunstall and Nina Nesbitt. Deni’s music taste is very broad ranging from Ed Sheeran to Nirvana or Daughter to The Fratellis.

Deni’s gigging experience has been based around Dunfermline and Rosyth. Over the next few months Deni is looking to gig throughout central Scotland.

7PM Doors - £4 - Facebook Event

Thursday 29th September

Eugene Twist’s Kaleidoscope Circus

The Kaleidoscopic Circus summons you, fellow lechers of pandemonium, to an evening of performance, cabaret and rock & roll:

EUGENE TWIST & BAND (premiere songs from upcoming album ‘The Stuntman’ including new single ‘Savile Row Gigolo’)

STAKATTO (Hoola-Cabaret Goddess)

MISS LEGGY PEE (Ventrillo-Vaudeville Wonder-Woman)

DAISY (Chanteuse Extraodinaire)

CORNELIUS (The Snake Chancer)

Blurb –

With his inaugural album ‘The Boy Who Had Everything’, Glasgow’s Eugene Twist enjoyed wide acclaim from much of the UK music press. His latest offering will see a self-produced album ‘The Stuntman’ hit the stores early 2017. The first single ‘Savile Row Gigolo’ foreruns his ‘Kaleidoscopic Circus’ shows – an alternative rock & roll bill with a spotlight on performing arts and a showcase for new songs. ‘Savile Row Gigolo’ sees a return to the raw: Eugene’s voracious appetite for streams of spat-out surrealism and pseudo-politicising enslaved with visceral guitars.

-FTP Magazine

7PM Doors - £6 - Facebook Event


Friday 30th September

Double Sight ’16

Friday 30th September
9pm – 3am
Broadcast, Sauchiehall Street

With live guests Cat Black plus international guest DJs, residents and 60s lights and visuals by The Exploding Sound Machine.

7PM Doors - £8 - Facebook Event


Saturday 1st October



It’s a mesmeric, cultured, intoxicating hour or so which sounds like nothing else around: the hypnotic cosmic soundtrack to a journey to the moon. – Herald Scotland

Its a determined step into pop realms – unashamedly melodic, the glistening surface does nothing to diminish the intelligent songwriting underneath – Clash

Brooding, minor-key tracks that start with electric piano and guides you brilliantly into smoky, ominous lounge territory, somewhere between Fiona Apple and Morcheeba.- New York Times


7PM Doors - FREE ENTRY - Facebook Event

More Upcoming Events
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