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Just Announced

SO BELOW // Monday 27th February

TRUDY & THE ROMANCE // Wednesday 29th March

SAMANTHA CRAIN// Tuesday 28th March

MIRACLE GLASS COMPANY // Friday 31st March

ONRA (live) // Thursday 23rd March


Upcoming Events:


Monday 23rd January



Join us on Monday 23 January from 9PM in the upstairs bar for an intimate showing of Nirvana’s 1993 MTV Unplugged in New York performance.


2-4-1 Burgers (beef, chicken, veggie & vegan)
Beer & Burger for £5 (beef, chicken, veggie & vegan // Tennents Magners. Sam Smiths Lager & Sam Smiths Cider)

Vodka, gin, rum & whisky all £2 with mixer
Premium White Russians & Cocktails from £3.95
Sam Smiths Lager, Cider, India Ale & Wheat Beer £2.95 pint

9PM Doors - FREE ENTRY - Facebook Event


Tuesday 24th January

Celtic Connections 2017: The Rural Alberta Advantage

Celtic Connections and PCL presents:

The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Rural Alberta Advantage’s percussive folk songs about hometowns and heartbreak, and relentless tradition of touring have taken the trio from humble recognition amongst indie rock diehards as “Canada’s best unsigned band” to sold-out tours and devoted

fans around the world with featured coverage from Spin Magazine, Pitchfork, The New York Times and Rolling Stone all taking note. The band has been nominated for two 2012 Juno Awards (Best New Group and Video of the Year for their song “Stamp”), long listed for the 2011 Polaris Award, and awarded the CBC Music Prize for Best Independent Artist in 2014.

The RAA has released three albums on Saddle Creek/Paper Bag Records: Hometown (2009), Departing (2011) and Mended With Gold (2014). The trio of Nils Edenloff, Paul Banwatt and Robin Hatch are currently hard at work on the band’s next album and will be previewing new material the way they love best, by hitting the road for a unique set of road testing shows in some of their favourite venues across North America and Europe through 2016/2017.

“The Rural Alberta Advantage are best seen live, where their acoustic crescendos and Nils Edenloff’s Jeff Mangum-esque vocal acrobatics impress most.”-Under The Radar

7PM Doors - £11 - Facebook Event


Wednesday 25th January

Celtic Connections 2017: Doug Seegers

Celtic Connections and PCL presents
Doug Seegers

+ Anton & the Colts

+ Stephen Maguire

7PM Doors - £12 - Facebook Event


Wednesday 25th January

Goat Girl + Sweaty Palms

“I honestly do think, that someone spiked their drinks,
How can an entire nation be so fucking thick?
Hold tight to your pale ales, bite off your nationalist nails,
We’re coming for you, please do fear, you scum aren’t welcome here…”

Goat Girl, Scum (2016)

From the very beginning Goat Girl were always threatening to turn into a special band. Songs that use subtlety as their main ingredient while remaining disarmingly fierce at every turn. Lyrics that mean everything despite being written down in the most simplistic and non-aggressive way possible… they are an anomaly in the UK music scene as 2016 draws to a draggy close: four people playing guitars, bass and drums who have the ability to make you feel //alive// again.

The best music always comes out of nowhere, and Ellie, Lottie, Naima and Rosie seem as surprised as anybody to find themselves in their current position. “A year ago me and Ellie were playing this cult open mic night in south London run by someone who used to be in Hawkwind,” says Naima. “Then we met Lottie in the street outside a house party, then we met Rosie in the audience at The Windmill in Brixton, and then we became Goat Girl.”

Named in reference to the questionable Bill Hicks comedy sketch Goat Boy (“It’s disgusting,” says Lottie, although she’s quick to add: “But I like his social commentary, and the satirical element to what he did,”) the band are fresh out of their respective London colleges and a million miles away from everything else ‘new’ you’ll hear right now.

11PM Doors - £5 - Facebook Event


Thursday 26th January

Celtic Connections 2017: The Miss’s album launch + Mick Hargan

Celtic Connections & Broadcast present –

Compelling audiences with their distinctive and intense music, The Miss’s are a hidden gem of a Scottish duo; comprised of Audrey Tait and Michelle Low.

Already established over the years, the band has naturally developed as a passion project for the two.

Both members are actively involved many different projects. In addition to writing, recording and producing the forthcoming album, Audrey has founded, produced and performed in Hector Bizerk. This work has led to two consecutive Scottish Album of the Year nominations and an extensive touring and festival history across the UK, Europe and USA. Michelle is currently a songwriter, session vocalist, and performs and tours as lead singer in Glasville.

The Miss’s brings together two musicians who share an unmistakable chemistry, performing intimate songs with an undeniable talent.

7PM Doors - £6 - Facebook Event


Friday 27th January

Celtic Connections 2017: Bella and the Bear

Celtic Connections and PCL presents

Bella and the Bear

27th January 2017

After winning last year’s Danny Kyle award, Bella and the Bear are delighted to be back on the bill at Celtic Connections. They continue to captivate audiences across the country with their unique blend of spoken word, stunning harmonies and musical intricacies set to the back drop of folk fairytales. Join them on Fri 27th January at Broadcast for an intimate showcase of what they do best.

7PM Doors - £6 - Facebook Event


Saturday 28th January

Independent Venue Week all-dayer

Life Model
The Pale Kids
& more tba

4PM Doors - £5 - Facebook Event

More Upcoming Events

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