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PAUW // Tuesday 1st November

ROOSEVELT // Friday 25th November

ARKELLS // Friday 2nd December

CARNIVAL YOUTH // Monday 17th October

PSYCHIC ILLS // Wednesday 30th November

Upcoming Events:


Saturday 22nd October

Rob Lynch + Jim Lockey + Milktoast

“Rob Lynch is a man with a big heart, almost as big as his choruses!”

Hailing from the picturesque market town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, Lynch moved to London and attempted to break through the noise with his catchy, uplifting melodies and lyrical depth.

His first release, a 5 track EP, was released through Walnut Tree Records in 2011 to critical acclaim, being rewarded with ‘EP Of The Year’ from and receiving 8/10 from Rock Sound Magazine. With a limited print of 500, the record is now completely sold out.

Relentless DIY touring landed the determined young man slots at Fest in Florida and Groezrock in Belgium as well as Download Festival in the UK. Not bad for a man with just a guitar in his hand, a bag on his back and no management or booking agent…

Between November 2012 and August 2013 Lynch could be found recording his debut full-length ‘All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul’. The process began in Philadelphia with Shane Henderson (Valencia) and was completed in Hoxton, East London with Sam Duckworth. A 12-track journey tackling such themes as the death of his father, life on the road and finding light in times of darkness. An unbelievably honest and intimate record.

It’s because of this effort that Lynch has since penned a license with German-based label Grand Hotel Van Cleef, which as a result landed him a booking at the Reaperbahn Festival and a 3 week tour of Germany supporting top selling artist Thees Uhlmann that put him in front of over 20,000 people.


7PM Doors - £7 - Facebook Event


Wednesday 26th October

Gemma Ray + Joe Gideon

+ Laura St Jude


Gemma Ray

Gemma Ray’s latest opus The Exodus Suite is a dramatic 52-minute odyssey through her unique style of torch song psychedelia. Described as “beautiful, as ever” (MOJO****) and “a moving collision of past and present” (UNCUT 8/10), the album was recorded live in seven days at the infamous Candy Bomber Studios (situated in the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin) by Ingo Krauss. The Exodus Suite was released on 20th May 2016 on Bronzerat Records.

The album’s title is a reference to the unexpected yet inescapable fact that during The Exodus Suite sessions there were 8,000 Syrian refugees housed in the hangar beneath the studio. The stark reality of the refugees’ circumstances (whom are still housed there to this day), and the experience of these sights, sounds and smells right within spitting distance, lent a profoundly immediate dimension to Gemma Ray’s lyrical explorations of love for all life, exile and relocation, nature’s sovereignty, technology, and class and most of all the need for human empathy.

Joe Gideon

“Pithy, powerful, lyrically erudite and observational, post-financial crisis English blues.”
Mike Barnes – Writer for Mojo and Wire, and author of the acclaimed, Captain Beefheart: The Biography

“Joe Gideon’s music is at the same time strangely elegant and yet scuzzily dissolute; intellectual and yet visceral; hilarious and yet deadly serious. He’s an off-kilter rock ‘n’ roller and a warped balladeer of the first water.”
Joe Cushley, Balling The Jack – Resonance FM.

Joe’s bandmates are ‘Bad Seed’ Jim Sclavunos and multi-instrumentalist Gris De Lin, playing tracks from his debut solo LP ‘Versa Vice’ released earlier in the year on Bronzerat Records, described by Mojo as, ‘a raw dark rock debut, telling an intensely spirited story’.

7PM Doors - £7.00

Thursday 27th October


Bubble Tea Records in association with Our Bookings presents…


A Progressive Thrash / Melodic Hardcore outfit from the South Coast of the UK made up of five fellas who grew up together with a shared love of fast outlandish music.

Since officially forming in 2007, Almeida have played in 18 different countries and have shared stages with the likes of H2O, Shai Hulud, A Wilhelm Scream and Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls.

Their latest EP ‘Social Media Circus’ was released last year on Lockjaw (UK) and Bird Attack Records (US)

£5 Tickets

7PM Doors - £5 - Facebook Event


Friday 28th October

Let’s Eat Grandma


“Let’ s Eat Grandma are a pair of near-identical teenage girls from a strange and distant kingdom (OK, Norwich) who deal in glacial gothic pop and brittle folky weirdness.”–The Guardian Guide, Pick Of The Week

“The Norwich teens are like the evil twins from The Simpsons – a little bit witchy, a bit mischievous and totally badass”–NME

7PM Doors - £7 + BF - Facebook Event


Saturday 29th October

Public Access TV

+ The Mona Lisas


Public Access T.V. are a band firmly planted in downtown New York City. Before they released their first song, played their first show, or even had a name, Public Access T.V. were a band. Best friends out every night together, sharing clothes, cigarettes, pocket change, and most importantly living together in a dilapidated East Village loft where they could stay up all night playing music… loudly.“It wasn’t like ‘let’s start a band,'” 24-year-old singer and main songwriter John Eatherly says of the formation.


“We already were playing music and hanging out together all the time. We were all doing different things, playing as hired guns for anybody just to pay the rent, and then one day I came in with these songs I wrote and we all just knew this was something we wanted to do for real.”What followed was a whirlwind of activity; singles “Monaco” and “In the Mirror” along with last years Public Access EP, lead to critical acclaim, and tours in the US and UK supporting acts like Weezer and Gang of Four.


Everything was moving on the correct trajectory when in April 2015, while PATV were on tour in California, they flicked on the TV to see live pictures of their Manhattan loft on every single news channel. It was on fire from a gas explosion and then collapsed into rubble.“We wrote there, rehearsed, recorded, lived, everything,” says John. “It was home…and then it was completely gone.”Demoralised and thousands of miles from NYC, PATV did the only thing they could think of. As John says:“We told our agent to book as many gigs as possible – because we didn’t want to deal with the reality of the situation. We actually had nowhere to go.”But, as things happened, that chain of events was to set PATV on an entirely new and fruitful path.


Among those frantic gig bookings were a bunch of festivals in Europe, as well as dates with The Strokes, Fidlar and Palma Violets.The group released their double A-side single “In Love and Alone” / “Patti Peru” last fall to critical acclaim.“In Love and Alone” was debuted by Zane Lowe on Apple’s Beats 1 with him exclaiming, “WeLove Public Access T.V.” and giving the track his signature stamp of approval by playing it twice in a row.This single as well as their follow up track “On Location” led to Public Access TV being one of the buzziest bands at SXSW this year… with both Entertainment Weekly and NME listing the group as one of the “Top10 Best Artists” at the festival.

7PM Doors - £7.00


Sunday 30th October

Broadcast Breakdown Halloween Ball rock n’ roll all dayer

Broadcast presents:

The Reverse Cowgirls
The Bucky Rage
Cathedrale (FRA)
The Brutes
Uncle Judas
The New Fabian Society
The Animal Mothers
& more TBA

£5 on the door

4PM Doors - £5 - Facebook Event

arc iris

Sunday 30th October

ARC IRIS – Cancelled, sorry!

This show has been cancelled, refunds are available from point of purchase.

7PM Doors - £8 + BF - Facebook Event

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